When Is The Next Sephora Sale? 2023 Still Has Some Major Savings Events To Come On Our Team’s Faves

If you’re a beauty lover like us, you live for those glorious Sephora sales. Getting amazing makeup, skincare, haircare, and more at a steep discount is basically a dream come true! The beauty giant has some major markdown moments throughout the year, but when exactly are they and what can you expect? We’ve got all the intel on when the next Sephora sale is hitting in 2023 so you can plan accordingly and save big. Keep reading for the inside scoop!

Overview Of Popular Sephora Sales Throughout The Year

Sephora hosts four major sales periods annually that beauty insiders eagerly await. They typically take place in April, May/June, November, and December. Each sale usually runs for about 1-2 weeks and offers increasing discounts for members of their Beauty Insider program. For example, Rogue members (those who spend $1000+ per year at Sephora) get first access to the sales and the best percentages off. VIB members also get early access and solid discounts, followed by Insiders who still score savings but to a lesser extent.

Spring Sale (April)

The April Spring Sale is a great time to stock up on lighter makeup colors, glowing skincare for the warmer months, and all your hair essentials for summer.

Duration and discounts

This sale runs for around 10 days to two weeks generally, sometimes starting in very late March and extending into early April. In 2023, discounts were up to sephora 15 off for Insiders, 20% for VIB, and 30% for Rouge. Expect similar markdowns in April 2023.

Tips and recommendations

Take advantage of the Spring Sale to purchase sunscreens, bronzers, shimmery eyeshadows, and moisturizers with SPF like the Youth To The People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream with SPF 40. Also, stock up on your favorite hair products and tools like leave-in treatments, texturizing sprays, curling irons, and flat irons.

Summer Sale (May/June)

With warm weather in full swing, Sephora’s Summer Sale is the perfect chance to update your look.

Duration and discounts

The Summer Sale usually runs for around 10 days in either late May or early June. Past years have seen discounts like 15% off for Insiders, 20% off for VIBs, and 30% off for Rogues. Those same ranges of savings will likely apply for the 2023 sale.

Tips and recommendations

Take advantage of the Summer Sale to try that bold new lip color you’ve been eyeing as your go-to summer statement shade. Stock up on waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliners and mascaras as well. For your hair, treat yourself to dry shampoo and texturizing sprays to keep your strands looking beachy. The sale is also a great time to buy natural-finish foundations, blotting powder for touch-ups, and makeup setting spray for staying power in hot, humid weather.

Fall Sale (November)

The Fall Sale helps you gear up for cooler weather while still saving your budget.

Duration and discounts

Occurring in early to mid-November, this sale usually lasts around 10 days. Expect savings for Insiders up to 15% off, 20% off for VIBs, and 30% for Rogues based on past years.

Tips and recommendations

Take advantage of November discounts to purchase rich moisturizers and hydrating foundations for winter. Stock up on darker, vampy lip colors too. Update your hair tools and products as well with anti-frizz serums, repairing hair masks and a new dryer or curling iron. The Fall Sale is also a great time to buy gift sets at a discount as holiday presents for family and friends.

Holiday Sale (December)

The merriest markdowns of the year come during Sephora’s Holiday Sale to spread seasonal joy.

Duration and discounts

This sale starts in early December and runs for around 10 days usually. In 2023, Insiders got 15% off, VIBs 20%, and Rouge shoppers 30% off. We expect to see those same ranges offered again for 2023.

Tips and recommendations

The Holiday Sale is the perfect time to scoop up gift sets and beauty advent calendars for yourself and loved ones. Stock up on festive metallic eyeshadow palettes, glittery glosses, false lashes, and more too. Treat yourself to luxe skincare treats as well, and replace hair tools to look your best for holiday parties and photos.


Summary of upcoming sales in 2023

To recap, mark your calendars for Sephora’s big seasonal sales in April, May/June, November, and December 2023. Exact dates are not yet announced, but you can expect 1-2 weeks of discounts up to 30% off. Beauty Insiders, VIBs, and Rogue members will all score savings, with the best deals going to those who shop the most.

Final tips for saving at Sephora

In addition to hitting the major sales, you can save year-round with Sephora’s Beauty offers. Make sure you’re getting points, rewards, and gifts with purchases by signing up for their program. Also, take advantage of value and deluxe sample sets across makeup, skincare, and more so you can try new products affordably. Follow Sephora on social media and sign up for emails too for news on promotions and offers. With these tips, you’ll stay stocked on all your beauty favorites while still sticking to your budget. Happy shopping!


What are the four big Sephora sales during the year?

The four major Sephora sales are usually held in April, May/June, November, and December.

What percent off can I get during the sales?

Discounts range from 15% off for Insiders up to 30% off for Rouge members who spend $1000+ per year at Sephora. VIB members also get solid early access discounts.

What’s the best sale for stocking up on skincare?

The best Sephora sales for skincare are typically the Spring Sale in April and the Holiday Sale in December. Take advantage of the discounts to stock up on your favorites!

When does the Holiday Sale start?

Sephora usually launches their merriest sale of the year in early December. It runs for about 10 days.

Do I need a Beauty Insider account to shop the sales?

You don’t need an account to shop, but signing up for the free Beauty Insider program gets you better discounts during sales and other perks year-round.

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