Recommendations for the Best Spa Places in the World

Recommendations for the Best Spa Places in the World

For this reason, many special hotels or spas in various countries equip their facilities with the most complete spa treatments and quality relaxation programs. Starting from traditional therapy with natural ingredients, providing additional treatments with advanced technology, to providing a healthy food menu for its guests. Are you curious about what kind of spas you can enjoy around the world? We have summarized the best spas in boise microblading and lashes that can be used as a destination for your relaxing trip.

COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali, Indonesia

This hotel, located in the Ubud area, Bali, is popular for its high quality spa and health treatments. COMO Shambhala provides six wellness programs, namely Cleanse Program, Oriental Medicine, Ayurvedic Program, Stress Management, Rejuvenation, and Be Active Program.

Every guest who stops by for treatment must consult with health experts so that the program they undergo is in accordance with their body’s needs. After that, you can get a maintenance schedule. Not only treatment, this place also customizes a special healthy food menu for you that suits your needs based on consultations with experts. Enjoy the sensation of yoga, ayurveda, pilates, and various other treatment programs amidst panoramic views of rice fields, trees, and the gurgling state of river water which can perfect your relaxation tour at COMO Shambhala Estate.

Amangiri, Utah, US

The expansive Amangiri Spa is designed to resemble the lines of Utah’s canyons that wind around the hotel. The spa treatments offered are treatments according to the normality of the Navajo people who live in the state. The next tradition involves four elements, namely earth, wind, fire and water in the treatment process.

You can choose hydrotherapy treatments in the water pavilion which faces directly towards the large orange rocks that are often found in this place, or try therapy in the flotation pool which is on the open veranda. You can enjoy it at night while watching the sky full of stars. Apart from that, Amangiri Spa also provides a hot spring pool which is no less interesting to try. With panoramic views of Utah’s desert, canyons and orange rocks, you can have a different kind of relaxation experience at Amangiri Spa.

One & Only Resort, Queensland, Australia

Get maximum body and skin rejuvenation treatments at the spa from One & Only resort. In this place, you can exercise with panoramic views of the open sea, meditate in a beachside gazebo, or do yoga in a place surrounded by refreshing views of green hills.

Apart from health care, One & Only offers other ways of relaxation, namely by increasing creativity through various activities such as painting, hiking, or just reading a book in nature. One of the best spas in Australia also provides a healthy food menu cooked by qualified nutritionists.

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