How to Connect Your TV with Your Mobile Phone Through HDMI Cable?

If you have recently bought a smart TV or have seen one in your friend’s house, then you already know how loaded with apps they come with. Everything is just easy to watch and keep yourself entertained with. But there may be times when you are not able to share what you have on your phone. It could be any app, media, or other content. 

However, if you have the urge to share it with other members of the family or want to watch it on a bigger display, then know that it is possible. Even if you are not an iPhone user, it is still possible to connect your Android mobile device to the TV. Wondering how? Well, know that all you need is either a built-in cast feature, a third-party application, or just cable-like HDMI adapters for this purpose. In order to find out how to create a connection with HDMI cables, you need to read until the end to gather relevant information. 

How to Connect Your Android Phone with TV Using HDMI? 

Wondering how to connect your Android phone to the TV with the help of an HDMI plug adapter? If you are a newbie who does not know how to do that, you need not worry. By following the steps given below, you can get started. 

  • Create Connections 

In the first step, you need to connect the USB – C adapter to the USB – C port on the Android phone. Then connect the HDMI cable’s one end to the adapter’s HDMI port. Lastly,  connect the other end of the HDMI plug adapter to the HDMI port on the TV. 

  • Change the Source Input 

In this step, you need to change the TV source input to the HDMI port adapters.

  • Return to Screen Mirroring 

In the last step, you need to exit DeX mode and return to screen mirroring if you are using an Android device. This can be done by swiping down from the top of the screen so that the Quick Panel can be revealed. Lastly, touch the DeX symbol to turn it off.

Why is it the Best Idea to Connect Your Phone to the TV?

It may seem like a challenging task to connect your phone to the TV using HDMI converters, but in reality, it isn’t. The steps are very simple and quick. But why you should do that remains a constant question in the first place.

  • Play Games 

One of the first reasons why you would want to connect a phone to the TV using an HDMI Plug adapter is this. Playing games is more engrossing on a huge screen when compared to a mobile device. As a result, you can attach a controller to the device and get started.

  • Showcase Presentation 

Another reason to do this is to showcase presentations that may be on the phone. You can use HDMI adapters for your display. This would be a great option if your laptop breaks down or you are caught without software.

  • Display Media 

If you have a number of images or videos to share with your loved ones on a bigger screen, then you can opt for this connection.

  • Complete the office task

There may be times when your phone is equipped with a keyboard and mouse. This might hamper your productivity.  As a result, you can connect the mobile device to the TV using an HDMI plug adapter to increase productivity.

How to Find Out if the TV Has An HDMI Port?

Someone who has never connected an Android phone to a TV might be wondering if the TV has an HDMI plug adapter available or not. Therefore, to find that out, you must know the appearance of the HDMI port, which is usually located on the TV’s side or back. Most contemporary TVs feature numerous HDMI ports. You can also check the manual for the TV or the manufacturer’s website to get relevant information. 

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