Why Is Label BOPP Film a Great Choice for Labels & Stickers?

Plastic BOPP labels are widely used. Biaxially-Oriented and Polypropylene is what it stands for. Biaxially oriented films have been stretched in two directions during manufacture, increasing their strength and transparency. Labels, Biscuit packaging, and transparent bags are just a few of the various applications of polypropylene.  

BOPP Label Printing Types

The most common varieties of BOPP printing material are as follows:

  • Clear BOPP

Since Clear BOPP Material is almost transparent, it may be used on items where a label is desired while retaining the unlabeled appearance. These labels are long-lasting and can withstand the elements. Because of its unique properties, transparent BOPP labels may be applied on dark-colored glass bottles and containers.

  • White BOPP

It’s the most typical form of BOPP Label. This labeling has several desirable characteristics, including longevity and resistance to moisture. This label printing medium is also resistant to oil and water, making it applicable in various business settings. White BOPP’s persistent adhesive may stick quickly and securely to the surface you use it on.

What makes BOPP ideal for use as labels and stickers?

Labels, stickers, or Biscuit packaging should be flexible in printing, resistant to moisture and chemicals, and either transparent or opaque. All of these requirements are met by BOPP label material.

  • BOPP is an ideal printing substrate

Label BOPP Film may use either water-based or solvent-based inks for printing. BOPP film is surface-treated during production to increase its adhesiveness and printability by techniques such as corona treatment. A thin metal oxide coating is applied to the BOPP label’s outside during the corona treatment. 

A liquid or gas is applied to the label’s surface, creating the metal oxide layer. A thin oxide coating is left on the label’s surface when the liquid or gas is evaporated.

  • Durability

Many people believe that BOPP labels are the most long-lasting available. Because of its unique composition, it resists aging signs, including lifting, peeling, and wrinkles. No matter the environment, BOPP labels are built to endure.

  • Clear or opaque BOPP is available

BOPP’s high transparency makes it a great choice for labels that need to be read through. However, an opaque version of this substance is also commercially available. There is a BOPP label here for you, whether you’re looking for something completely clear or with a lot of color.

  • Eco-friendly

BOPP films have less carbon impact than other plastic substrates, including polyester. Its low melting point means its transformation into another state requires less effort.

  • UV, chemical, and waterproof

You may call BOPP the Hulk of plastic films because it is sturdy. Because of its near-invulnerability to oil and water, it is ideal for identifying items in the kitchen or bathroom. Lap sealable Film is a great option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

It may be utilized in damp environments such as kitchens, restrooms, and classrooms without additional protection against water. It’s also resistant to UV radiation, so you can print signs, images, and more without worrying about fading.

When it comes to labeling, why is BOPP so important?

This treatment enhances the material’s strength and clarity, as was previously mentioned. The oil grease and water resistance of Label BOPP Film are two other reasons they are so useful. Impact, low-temperature impact, and flex crack resistance are all possible with this material, adding to its impressive durability. BOPP labels have various advantages, and one of the most significant is their minimal toxicity to human health. Fortunately, BOPP is not a particularly poisonous substance, which is the last thing you need.


Lastly, Lap sealable Films are advantageous since mass production is possible. Hence, your company will benefit from an efficient supply chain and consistent material availability. The use of BOPP material has several advantages. But if you want to be certain that you choose the best material for your goods and packaging, contact the label experts at JPFL Films.

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