Typical Canadian Foods You Must Try

Typical Canadian Foods You Must Try

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Canada is also famous for having many amazing natural tourist attractions that are a shame to miss, for example the very popular Niagara Falls. Located in the northern part of the United States, Canada also has a variety of typical dishes that are a shame to miss if you visit there. So, here is a list of typical Canadian foods that you must try.

Split Pea Soup

The first typical Canadian food is Split Pea Soup. This dish is known to be quite legendary because it has quite a long history.

In commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the French explorer’s journey in Canada, one of which was led by Samuel de Champlain, a chef from Ottawa named Marc Miron was curious about what food Samuel made during their stay in Canada, which turned out to be food. Split Pea Soup.

Split Pea Soup is a pea soup made from cured meat and dried peas. Today, this soup is one of the most common dishes found in the country. You can visit several restaurants that serve the best Split Pea Soup, such as Miron’s Habitant Pea Soup.


This typical Canadian food is called Tourtiere. Tourtiere is a dish that is a combination of typical French food with authentic Canadian flavors. Tourtire is usually made using pork or beef and then adding herbs and special spices. Apart from using meat, you can also find Tourtiere with fish filling in coastal areas of Canada. Usually this Tourtire is served at Christmas and New Year celebrations.


Poutine is one of Canada’s most popular specialty foods. Originating from Quebec, Poutine is thought to have been around since the 1950s.

Poutine is a dish of fried potatoes topped with melted cheese and then topped with meat and hot sauce. You can find poutine in many restaurants in Canada that sell French fries, usually they also add extra vegetables. If you’re lucky, you can even attend the Poutine Festival which is held every year in all cities in the country.


The next typical Canadian food is bagels. Many say that bagels are the quintessential Canadian doughnut.

Bagels are often found in Montreal because they are smaller, but bagels in Canada have a denser texture than bagels in New York. This difference in texture occurs because the cooking process is slightly different from donuts in general. Bagels are made from a dough of wheat flour and yeast which is boiled in water first and then baked until ready to be served.

Otter tail

Not only are bagels considered a typical Canadian donut, Beavertails are also a typical Canadian donut dish, but the difference is that Beavertails don’t have holes. Beavertails are a typical Canadian food that has also become a classic dish in that country.

Beavertails was originally a recipe passed down through Graham Hooker’s family for several generations, but in 1978 the dish became known throughout Canada. Now you can find Beavertails throughout Canada with various additional toppings, such as Nutella, sugar and other sweets.


This is one of the most popular dishes in Canada. This dish is claimed to originate from Quebec, a city in Canada. And Poutine is also thought to have been around since the 1950s. Poutine is French fries with melted cheese and topped with meat and hot sauce.

You can find poutine at any Canadian restaurant that sells French fries. Usually every restaurant has additional vegetables. If you’re lucky, you can take part in the poutine festival which is held every year in almost all cities in Canada. The average price for one serving is 6.2 Canadian dollars.

Canadian Bacon

Cannadian Bacon or Canadian Bacon or in England also known as “peameal bacon” usually comes from lean pork loin that has been salted and ground with corn flour. At the turn of the century, Canada was a country that exported pork to several countries in Europe. For you Muslim tourists, of course this typical Canadian food is not recommended to taste.

If you want to enjoy this food, one of the most popular places to find Cannadian Bacon is at Carousel Restaurant, St. Louis. Lawrence Market in Toronto. This restaurant is a world famous Canadian Bacon restaurant, where in Carrousel Cannadian Bacon is also called Peameal Bacon, follow us for more information.

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