Health Tips for International Students in Washington DC

A large number of students keep a dream of studying in the USA. When they get
admission in Washington, the capital city of the USA, it adds icing on the cake.
Washington has excellent arrangements for international students. It has world-class
universities, wonderful facilities, and a lot more.

When you start living in Washington, you need to pay attention towards several aspects.
Health is one of the major aspects without any doubt. Good health is a source of a
healthy mind, which you require with utmost priority. You are in Washington for studies,
so a healthy mind is necessary for you for sure.

In this article, you will read some tips to stay healthy as an international student in

Walk Regularly in the Fresh Air

This is the simplest yet effective technique to stay healthy. You should make a routine
to walk in the fresh air. Walking itself has several health benefits. Moreover, inhaling
fresh air inside the body also plays a vital role in everyone’s life in staying healthy. You
can make this routine in the morning or evening timings.

You may find an open space in your accommodation complex where you can walk.
Moreover, there are a lot of parks and other open spaces in Washington where also you
can walk.

Do Regular Workouts

With workouts, you can keep your body in shape and get help in staying healthy. You
can start exercising in your student rooms such as some light exercises, pushups, etc.
Besides, the complex of your student accommodation Washington may have an in-
house gym where you can visit and can do the exercise on the advanced workout
machines. Similarly, you can find fitness hubs in your university or college also.

Do Aerobics, Yoga, and Breathing Exercises

You can also do the exercises like aerobics, yogic postures, and breathing exercises to
stay healthy. These are some of the best exercises for good health. You can do these
exercises in the open spaces in your accommodation complex.

Do Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises without any doubt. It has plenty of health
benefits. Through swimming, you can maintain a healthy weight and healthy heart &

lungs. Besides, it builds strength and tones muscles. This is why it is highly advised to
you to do swimming if you can. You can find some venues for swimming in Washington.
Besides, a few accommodation complexes also have in-house swimming pools where
you can have fun and work for your health together.
Play Sports and Do Running

Sports are also great sources for staying fit and healthy. They allow you to give
workouts to your body along with having fun. Similarly, running is also a perfect
workout. Running and sports give ideal exercises to your entire body. They strengthen
your lungs and provide you a number of other advantages.

So, you should play sports and do running. You can find sports courts and playgrounds
at your university and college. There are several sports venues in Washington City also.

Take a Sound Sleep

Sound sleep is necessary for good health. You should always try to sleep early in the
night so that you could take a good sleep till morning because you also need time in the
morning for workouts and going to college for attending lectures.

Try to Stay Tension-Free

It is a scientifically proven fact that tensions may cause severe health problems. Heart
attack, brain hemorrhage, insomnia, high blood pressure, and more can be caused due
to worries. Therefore, it should be tried to stay tension-free as far as possible. It is also
advised to students to try to stay tension-free.

If you have tensions, you can make calls to your family or talk to your friends. Their
emotional support may help you in getting relief from tensions.

Eat a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

A healthy diet is one of the most necessary things for your health. You should eat a
healthy and nutritious diet to stay healthy. Green leafy vegetables, soybean, fruits,
almonds, pulses, milk, etc. are some healthy foods that you can eat. Besides, you
should take food on time.

You should also try to avoid junk food as far as possible. You can eat them occasionally
but you should avoid excess.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can also cause many health-related problems especially when
they are taken in excess. So, you should try to avoid them also.

Be in Routine

Being in routine also helps you in maintaining good health. When you make a proper
routine for workouts, sleep, etc. you get the best results. Besides, if you study on time,
you can stay tension-free.


By following these simple tips, you can easily maintain good health while staying in
Washington as an international student.

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