Check Out How To Put On Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are quite popular among the teens, as well as all the young women out there. These lashes are available in a wide variety of sizes, as well as volumes. You can use different lashes according to the particular occasion that you are attending. For official meetings, and similar occasions, you should use lashes that are small, as well as less voluminous. If you are going to attend a party or a concert, then you must opt for thick and voluminous lashes, which will highlight your eyes to a great extent. But, a lot of people might not be that familiar with these fake eyelashes, and hence, they might wonder how to put on fake eyelashes. No matter how expensive your eyelashes might be, if you are not able to put them on properly then the whole look will go in vain. With continuous practice, you will be able to master the art of putting on fake eyelashes. But, this will take some, and you need to be extremely patient with yourself. If you are going to try out these fake eyelashes for the very first time, then you should follow the steps that will be discussed here.

How To Put On Fake Eyelashes By Prepping Your Lashes?

  • Prepping our natural eyelashes prior to the application of the fake lashes is indeed very important. This will help you in getting a clean, as well as natural finish.
  • In order to prep your natural lashes, you need two things. The first one is a curler, and the second one is a good quality mascara. So, make sure you have these items with you before starting to do your makeup.
  • Before prepping your natural eyelashes, make sure you are done with the eyeshadow, as well as the eyeliner application process. There are no specifications regarding these two products, and you can use any color or brand as per your individual preferences.
  • Once, the eye makeup is almost done, you need to carefully curl your natural eyelashes. Followed by that, you should apply a mascara of your choice. Once you do this, the preparation of your natural lashes will be complete!
  • You can use any eyelash curler for this purpose, but make sure that your curler is providing you the necessary results. When it comes to mascara, you must use a variety that provides decent volume to your natural eyelashes.

Application Of A Suitable Glue To The Eyelash

  • Once you are done with the prepping part, the next thing that you have to do is to apply some glue to the eyelash. This can seem quite difficult for some people who are wondering how to put on fake eyelashes.
  • First of all, you need to take a tweezer. Then, using the tweezer, you have to hold the lashes in place. Thereafter, using a cotton swab, you have to apply a thin line of glue to your lash band. Then you need to wait for 30 seconds so that the glue dries slightly.
  • You need to keep in mind that some fake eyelashes come with an adhesive strip instead of glue. In the case of such lashes, you do not have to proceed with this step. Hence, you must go through all the instructions carefully to understand what type of eyelashes you are using.
  • If you go ahead and buy a full kit, then the glue will be included in it. Otherwise, you will be able to find this glue at most of the cosmetics shops, as well as online websites.
  • If you are someone who has sensitive skin, then you must try to avoid glues which contain parabens, latex, formaldehyde, cyanoacrylates, etc. These compounds might lead to different kinds of skin and eye irritation.

How To Put On Fake Eyelashes After The Glue Dries Slightly?

  • Allowing the glue to dry slightly is very important because it will make the fake eyelashes less likely to slide away after application. You can try waving the lash around for sometime after putting on the glue. By doing this, the glue will get dry enough to become tacky. This will prevent you from getting the glue all over the place.
  • Then, you need to use the tweezers to put the lashes in place right across your eyeliner. After placing it, you should gently press the fake lashes into the lash line.
  • If you opt for fake lashes that are full, as well as long, then you will not have to hold them in place for a long period of time. Just keep it in place for ten seconds, and you will be good to go.

Apply Some More Eyeliner & Mascara

  • In case you are wondering how to put on fake eyelashes neatly, then you must keep in mind that this last step will help you in achieving the much needed neatness.
  • Applying eyeliner, as well as some more mascara is indeed very important, and you should not miss out this step. This step will help in tying your natural, and fake lashes together.
  • The eyeliner coat will help you in concealing the lash strip. It will also help in filling the little gaps that could be present.
  • However, keep in mind that if you use mascara to blend the fake lashes with the real ones, then you will be able to use this pair for one or two times only. This is simply because of the fact that bacteria can build up on such fake eyelashes.


We have discussed how to put on fake eyelashes using four simple steps. Finding the perfect fake eyelash is indeed very difficult, and you will be able to achieve this only by experimenting with different types of lashes. If you want you can also go with the halfsies. In this case, all you have to do is to cut the fake lash in half and thereafter, put it to the outer corners of the eye. This trick will help in creating a cool and attractive cat-eye effect. Individual lashes are also available, and you can also try using them. A lot of people love the individual lashes because they tend to provide a very natural look!

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