Are you aware of how cool this 50 kW trailer generator is? Try John Deere!

If you want to purchase a new power generator, what’s stopping you from trying out your luck with a 50 kW generator by John Deere? Nope, you don’t need to worry about taking suggestions from someone else because John Deere’s 50 kW trailer generator is the most suitable option to consider buying! Do you know what’s something really special about these generators for sale? It’s that you can easily rely on them to provide you with highly innovative electronics that too at the most affordable prices in the market. If you’re wondering how this information isn’t enough to allow you to invest in something as big as an entire genset, it will enable us to provide you with the perfect analysis of how useful these John Deere generators are. 

Best-selling features of the 50 kW trailer genset

Believe it or not, John Deere made sure that with this 50 kW generator, no user would no longer be able to find the tiniest possibility for errors. This trailer generator has an electronic automatic voltage regulation system. It contains a super silent enclosure which will ensure that the noise level of the genset won’t add to your list of problems. Did we tell you how it has a prime output of 43 kW? It does! 

, it has three phases as well. Its Deep Sea advanced digital controller is fully equipped with good-quality controls and alarms to provide you with all you want in a genset. Its biggest plus point is the corrosion-proof marine-grade aluminum enclosure that will ensure this blast lasts for as long as you want. It pretty much covered all of the items on your wishlist. 

Is the purchase worth every penny?

It might be hard to get a confession out of you so soon, but can you deny that this John Deere genset would be a good catch? We bet you can’t disagree. Now, if you’re still hesitant, do you know there’s more for us to share with you? Let’s continue with the good stuf. These 

are heavy-duty industrial components whose durability won’t be a cause of concern for you. Additionally, the diesel-powered engine is fully liquid-cooled and can be turbocharged very easily. Isn’t that super convenient? Plus, its Leroy Somer brushless alternator is of class H insulation and has drip-proof protection. You name it; John Deere will do it!


In conclusion, we feel confident in making this statement that the 50 kW trailer generator by John Deere is the best choice for all those who are eagerly surfing the internet to look for power generators. If you have already decided to buy this masterpiece by John Deere as well, feel free to call Gen Power USA at 1-888-819-5646. This company is well-known for providing highly efficient products in their brand-new condition. Plus, they also come with a one-year international warranty! So, what are you waiting for? Give General Power a call right now!

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