How to publish research paper in international journal free

IJSRET is a well known journal among the scientific and engineering research sector. This journal publishes research papers related to science & engineering research trends since last decade. Although it’s a paid journal, the quality of research articles and papers is good enough to get a high impact factor in this field. 

Submit Your Paper  / Check Publication Charges


Submit Your Paper  / Check Publication Charges

Why select IJSRET?

There are many websites that provide a list of international journals. IJSRET is one of those journals that publish international research papers or articles on their platform.

Full name of this journal is International journal of Scientific research and engineering trends. These journals publish research papers in the field of science and engineering.

Its impact factor is more than 2.5. in the field of scientific research and engineering trends more than 2.0 impact factor considered good. That shows the quality of content on this platform is good.

Apart from that, this Ijrset review time is quite less  compared to other international journals that come in this range. Which makes it different from others.

Issues per year – this journal supports quality over quantity so they do not accept every journal that submitted to its website. Despite low publication charges. Because the main motive of this journal is to promote quality content among the academics. So its frequency is not that high. They released only 6 issues per year.

Publishing charges – As it mentioned we support quality over quantity so we kept our publication charges as low as possible so that anybody who has good content can publish their research in less time. The IJSRET Journal’s publication charges are less than $50.

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