Navigating the Naphthalene Market: Price Trends and Forecast


The naphthalene market is a crucial segment of the chemical industry, with its applications spanning various sectors, including the production of plastics, dyes, and even mothballs. In this blog, we will delve into the naphthalene price landscape, exploring factors influencing it and forecasting trends. Whether you’re a manufacturer, trader, or simply curious about naphthalene prices, this article will provide valuable insights.

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Understanding Naphthalene Prices

Naphthalene, a white crystalline hydrocarbon, has several applications, making it a commodity with a fluctuating price. Its price is typically measured per kilogram (Kg) or per ton, depending on the scale of the transaction. Naphthalene price trends are closely monitored by industries reliant on it to gauge production costs and make informed decisions.

Naphthalene Price per Kg vs. Naphthalene Price per Ton

One of the first distinctions to make when discussing naphthalene prices is whether it is quoted per kilogram or per ton. The choice often depends on the specific needs of the buyer and seller. For instance, smaller businesses may prefer prices per kilogram for ease of handling, while large manufacturers typically deal in tons to meet their substantial requirements.

Naphthalene Price Index: Tracking Market Movements

The naphthalene market, like any other, is subject to supply and demand fluctuations. To track these movements accurately, market participants often rely on a naphthalene price index. This index provides a comprehensive overview of price trends, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions based on historical data.

Current Naphthalene Price Trends

As of the latest available data, naphthalene prices have exhibited some interesting trends. In Bangladesh, for instance, naphthalene prices have seen steady growth over the past few years. The Naphthalene Price in Bangladesh has risen consistently, reflecting increasing demand in various industries.

Naphthalene Price in India: A Regional Perspective

India is another significant player in the naphthalene market. The Naphthalene Price in India closely mirrors global trends but may also be influenced by local factors such as production capacities and demand from the textile and chemical sectors.

Naphthalene Price Chart and Historical Data

To gain a deeper understanding of naphthalene price trends, it’s essential to examine historical data. Naphthalene price charts provide a visual representation of price fluctuations over time. Studying these charts can help market participants identify patterns and make informed predictions.

Naphthalene Price Forecast

Forecasting naphthalene prices can be challenging due to the myriad factors influencing the market. However, analysts often consider factors like raw material availability, production capacity, and global economic conditions when making predictions. While we cannot provide specific future prices, it’s worth noting that keeping an eye on these variables can offer valuable insights into potential price movements.

Naphthalene Price Amazon: Convenience and Accessibility

For individuals and smaller businesses, purchasing naphthalene has become more accessible through e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Naphthalene Price Amazon listings allow buyers to compare prices from various sellers conveniently. However, it’s essential to ensure the quality and purity of the product when buying through such platforms.

Naphthalene Price ICIS: Industry Insights

The International Chemical Information Service (ICIS) is a valuable resource for industry professionals seeking in-depth market insights. ICIS provides detailed reports on naphthalene prices, helping businesses stay informed about market dynamics and trends.

Naphthalene Price USD: Currency Fluctuations

Naphthalene prices are often quoted in U.S. dollars (USD) in international transactions. Therefore, currency exchange rates can impact the final cost for buyers and sellers in different regions. It’s crucial to monitor exchange rates when dealing with naphthalene imports and exports.


In conclusion, understanding naphthalene prices is essential for businesses and individuals involved in its production, trade, or use. Whether you’re tracking the Naphthalene Price per Kg or per Ton, analyzing historical data, or relying on naphthalene price indices, staying informed about market trends can help you make informed decisions.

While predicting naphthalene prices with absolute certainty is challenging, market participants can benefit from monitoring global and regional trends, keeping an eye on currency fluctuations, and leveraging resources like ICIS and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Ultimately, staying informed about naphthalene prices is crucial for making sound financial decisions in this dynamic market.

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