Stay Road-Smart: Recognizing the Signs of an Untrustworthy Mechanic

A dishonest mechanic can cost you money and time, as well as cause you frustration.

It’s best to find a reliable mechanic before you need them, and not while you are waiting on the side-of-the road for a tow. Look for these five warning signs to identify a dishonest auto mechanic, regardless of when you start your search.

1. There is no Credential for them

You can be sure that the auto repair shop you select is not reliable if they don’t hold certifications. Ask if they have the Automotive Service Excellence certification (ASE). Ask if AAA has endorsed their work. Avoid them if they cannot provide assurances that their services have been objectively rated.

2. They won’t provide a written quote

Honest mechanics won’t give you a written estimate for parts or labor, because they’re looking to charge more or “find” an additional problem not mentioned in the quote.

Do not accept their terms and do not back down. You won’t be doing business with them if you don’t get a written estimate. If they do, it will usually tell you everything you need to about the shop.

3. The Scare-You-Offers

It’s possible that you have encountered a mechanic that intimidated or scared you into giving green light to a major repair. The mechanic may have told you, “If I were you, I’d get this fixed immediately! ” Or shamed you, saying you risked your family and you.

Do not fall for this. It is a common tactic of intimidation used by dishonest mechanics. You can simply decline the offer and bring your car elsewhere to get a second opinion.

4. The Dealership Won’t show you old parts

Be on the lookout if they refuse to show you the remnants of an old belt or brake pad. It’s possible that they did not actually perform the requested repair and left the old parts in your car or they weren’t worn out as much as originally claimed. Honest auto mechanics have no problem showing you old parts. They should even offer.

5. The Answer to Questions is Not Their Favorite

Consider taking your business to another shop if you are told the answer to all your questions is “no” or that you can’t understand it because it’s too “complicated”. You should be able to understand what is wrong with your car, especially if you are paying for it.

At Towing Service in Plympton MA, we’re here to help, whether it’s day or night. When you need emergency assistance, we’ll be there for you. Our goal is to make sure your car is in trustworthy hands and not with dishonest mechanics.

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