Why Is There A Challenge For Bitcoin To Reach $30000?

The Bitcoin value is still in a precarious position, and both bears and bulls have not been allowed to take control. Bulls are frantically trying to disprove the bears’ belief that they can drive prices below $25,000 because of a supposed H&S pattern. H&S stands for Head and Shoulder pattern. 

There is nevertheless hope for both teams. The bulls are working hard to keep Bitcoin from closing over $27,550 on a daily basis. In order to prove that the sizing is unenforceable, the H&S neckline must be broken. Why is there a challenge for Bitcoin to reach $30000? Let us explore. 

Challenge For Bitcoin To Reach $30000

Bears and bulls are having it tough due to certain market dynamics. The investigators have collated some of those components. They determined that the drop in US Bitcoin investments might temporarily hinder the surge in the value of Bitcoin and even some popular altcoins also.

 According to research, US corporate investors’ ownership of Bitcoin has been gradually declining in recent weeks. This is probably because of the hazy regulatory situation as well as Choke Point 2.0 operation. In previous years, a rise in US corporate investors’ Bitcoin positions has usually coincided with an uptrend.

This price trigger may thus be eliminated from the picture for the time being unless US courts rule on or additional crypto-related laws are developed. Indeed, US firms might also use overseas exchanges and DEXs as a substitute. Overseas exchanges have always been preferred during such situations. 

The entire quantity of stablecoins, which demonstrates how significant the purchasing power is within the cryptocurrency market, is an additional barrier for the bulls. Its current value of $71.1 billion, down from its peak of $99 billion last year, suggests that the ability to purchase in the cryptocurrency market has decreased.

There is also a claim that there is a shortage of freshly arrived smart money investors. This is alleged “primarily due to demand and supply issues, which must additionally be taken into account in the context of the overall situation. Additionally, there are extra factors that would make an upsurge to $30,000 in the near future more difficult. 

Jump Trading and Jane Street are the two significant players that will be ending their market-making operations within the USA. According to research by virtual asset data company Kaiko, this might have a big effect on the liquidity of the market. When liquidity will fall, more people will come out of the Bitcoin industry. 

Insights Into Risk Reduction And Trading Patterns

It’s noteworthy to take into account that the market depths for Bitcoin have stayed low and hardly altered after the announcement at the end of last month. According to Kaiko, this indicates that both players have already significantly lowered their risk (or have not yet made these changes). 

The cryptocurrency news feed indicated that the minimal level of trading has greatly exacerbated Bitcoin’s instantaneous instability. However, Bitcoin’s rolling volatility for 30 days is still fairly modest, approximately 36%, considerably lower than the mean for 2020–2022. Another element is the banking markets’ gross dollar availability. 


You have seen that there is a challenge for Bitcoin to reach $30000. Because neither bears nor bulls have a solid grip on power, the worth of Bitcoin is now unclear. The bulls are attempting to refute the bears’ assertion that a supposed H&S pattern might cause Bitcoin values to decline beneath $25,000. 

The bulls have to breach the H&S neckline and stop Bitcoin from constantly closing beyond $27,550 so as to render this pattern worthless.  Due to demand as well as supply concerns, there aren’t enough fresh knowledgeable players joining the market. Still, you can invest in Bitcoin and wait for a better time. 

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