Skyward Style: The Top Gun Aviator Jacket

The Top Gun Aviator Jacket, also known as the “Skyward Style” jacket, is a variant of the iconic jacket worn by Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick, in the movie “Top Gun.” This jacket pays homage to the traditional aviation aesthetic while using new components to produce a sleek and modern appearance.

With a few standout characteristics, the Skyward Style jacket adds to the traditional bomber jacket’s essence.


The jacket’s streamlined and slick appearance emphasizes its fitting form. It often has a front zipper for fastening and is shorter, stopping at the waist. The overall look has an air of adventure and aviation aesthetics, evoking memories of military flight jackets.


Like the original Top Gun Jacket, the Skyward Style jacket is often made of high-quality leather. The durability, smoothness, and shiny appearance of the leather are frequently improved with treatment.

Modern Accents:

The jacket has modern accents that give it a modern and stylish look. These particulars, which elevate the overall style and create visual appeal, can include special stitching patterns, quilted accents, or textured panels.

Similar to the traditional jacket, the Skyward flair jacket frequently has a fur collar that offers both warmth and flair. The fur collar in this contemporary rendition, though, might be more tasteful and understated. For a tight fit and increased comfort, the jacket could also have ribbed cuffs and a belt.

Color Variations:

The Skyward Style jacket comes in a wider variety of colors than the traditional Top Gun jacket, which is normally brown. In addition to the traditional shade of brown leather, other options include black, dark blue, and even olive green. People can match their preferences and tailor their style with these alternative colors.

Sleek and Streamlined Fit:

The Skyward Style jacket is known for its tailored and slim fit, enhancing the wearer’s silhouette. It is designed to provide a more modern and fashionable look compared to the boxier cuts of traditional bomber jackets. The sleek fit adds a touch of sophistication and contemporary appeal.

Versatile Styling:

The Skyward Style jacket’s versatility makes it a popular choice for various outfits and occasions. It can be effortlessly paired with jeans or chinos for a casual yet polished appearance. For a more dressed-up ensemble, it can be worn over a shirt and tie combination, adding a touch of rugged charm to a formal look.

Celebrity Influence:

The Top Gun Aviator Jacket, along with the overall Top Gun fashion, has had a significant influence on popular culture and celebrities’ style choices. It has been embraced by fashion-forward individuals and seen on various red carpets and in fashion editorials, further solidifying its status as a stylish and iconic garment.

What jacket did Tom Cruise Wear In Top Gun

leather G-1 Jacket

Tom Cruise’s character Pete “Maverick” Mitchell sports a leather G-1 Jacket, which has been a choice for fighter pilots since 1940. But back in 1940, it was known as the M-422A.

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