Why music classes is a must for students in school?

Music is the one shortcut route to reaching god, as it says. And there is nothing wrong with believing it. This is because music does bring a positive change to one’s mind and body. And when it is especially concerned with students then it is highly beneficial for them. Now you will wonder what has music to do with studies. This is what we are going to discuss today in this blog. 

Are music classes good for students?

Those who think music is only a pastime activity to listen to when you have nothing urgent to do or are free. But let them correct that taking music classes in school must be encouraged as it brings a positive impact on the academic performance of a child. Besides this, music also helps in developing social skills and encourages creativity which is important for the development of your child. 

Education in music propels a student’s process of learning to new heights. And this makes it an essential part of the process of education. There have been numerous studies by neurophysiologists and educationists for years. It was proved that music does play a positive role in the psychophysical and cognitive development of human beings. And results are more noteworthy in the case of children. 

Going by a belief it is said that if kids are exposed to music during their toddler stage, then it has an in-depth effect on their cerebral cortex region. There are schools where students attend music classes. They get exposure to both classical and Western. Just imagine whenever we are stressed after returning from a hectic work schedule, then we switch on to our favourite music that gives relief to our brain nerves. 

Now by merely listening to music can bring so much positive impact, then what wonder will it do when students are given the training to play musical instruments? There are multiple advantages a student receives when he/she learns music in school with great interest. 

Schools must give prominence to music

Music is not just for a time pass, it is also a therapy that can heal you from mental stress, depression, and anxiety. Now when we talk about music then we mean listening to soft and soothing music that is pleasant to hear. With the varied sounds and lyrics, students get a huge amount of vocabulary in a few hours. Other than stimulating brain cells, music also leads to exposure to other languages. This builds their ability to know and converse in a different language. 

Music enhances memory

Do you know taking music classes can empower your mind and enhances your memory skills? Yes, is a true fact. If you are a music lover, then you must be remembering the lyrics of the song that you listened to the first time. And it does not require you to be a musician. You will experience it even without it. Music attracts humans through its catchy melodies and multiple soundtracks. When used genuinely it does come as a powerful tool for learning. 

Best natural stressbuster

Stress is a common phenomenon that we all humans go through it. There is no escape from it. But there is a solution to combat it, and this is music. It works not only for working employees but also for those studying hard for the top competitive exams. During the exam period, students are under so much pressure that they fall into stress and depression which can affect their mental health. And this is when music comes as a natural healer to make them feel at ease and to concentrate properly on their subjects. 

Music as a career

If you have decided to take Arts/Humanities as a subject after 10th, then you can excel in many creative fields. And what can be more exciting when you choose music as your career? Of course, it is wonderful. Getting early exposure to music during your music classes in school will surely benefit you in becoming proficient in music and will determine your career in this field. 


So now you know how music can be a very important part of your life. It not only makes you feel excited but also heals you from any kind of mental stress, anxiety, and depression. Hence taking music classes in schools is an advantage to make a successful music career in future.

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