School bullying: how it affects the mental health of a student

School bullying is a very serious problem that affects children worldwide. It can be defined as an activity wherein a child is traumatized by his seniors socially, physically, and even verbally. While its negative effects have been familiar to many people most of them still are ignorant or unknown to its dark side. Hence today in this blog we are going to unfold the harmful effects of bullying in schools. Please read the blog till the end. 

School Bullying: Revealing its darker side

Bullying in schools is a major issue that must not be taken on a lighter note. It is not just the kids who go through this mental affliction, but adults do experience the same. School bullying is also understood as ragging. Whenever there is a new admission in school the older class students tend to show their authority and make the new joiners do an act which may not seem comfortable to them, but due to fear most of them give in to their demands and become a laughing stock among the other children. Below are some of the signs that describe how fatal can be the result of school bullying.

Negative impacts

Below are some of the negative effects on a student who is bullied in school.

  • Emotional distress

Bullying in schools puts a negative impact on the emotions of a victim. Children who are tortured fall into severe depression, and anxiety, and lose their self-esteem. They start living in a mental trauma with a feeling of being ashamed, uneasy and demoralized. They start keeping themselves socially aloof from people. 

  • Physical harm

The next major result of school bullying is physical assault via injuries on the body, bruises, cuts, and broken bones. Those who go through this need medical attention as it can dampen their physical and mental health. 

  • Bad effect on academics

Besides mental and physical pain caused by school bullying, a student also experiences negative results on his academic performance. The victim finds it difficult to concentrate in class because the thoughts of torture revolve in his mind. This results in poor attendance and failure. 

  • Social isolation

School bullying can also harm the victim which drives him to social isolation and living in incognito. The person who carries the scar of torture on his mind starts distancing himself from the social life and becomes reluctant in initiating friendships with people around him. This indeed puts a bad impact on their social and emotional development and might take a long time to recover from it. 

  • Mental trauma

Apart from above mentioned trauma, the worst thing a student goes through is mental trauma. He is unable to erase the affliction that has been inflicted on him in the form of bullying. It severely affects his mental health that makes him vulnerable to mental ailments like stress, anxiety disorders, delusions, schizophrenia, and acute depression. This can trigger suicidal thoughts and attempts. So now you can imagine what mental agony he goes through in his young life. 

What should be done to prevent school bullying?

The above health conditions indicate a serious impact on a person’s mental and physical health. Hence, it needs to be stopped. Teachers and members of the school administration must take this matter seriously and should ensure that no child suffers from any physical or mental torture from school bullying. Strict action must be taken against those who consider bullying a fun activity. 

Even if the student belongs to the senior class, he must be suspended with a strict warning of termination. Only then things like bullying will stop. There is no point in parents sending their child to the school where he becomes a victim of assault (mental and physical). They need to be assured of the safety of their children apart from guaranteeing quality education. 

It is because if there is anything serious happens to a student, then it is not the he who suffers, but his parents too cannot see their child surrounding himself in one corner of his room. If anything worse happens like if a student commits suicide due to being unable to bear the torture, then it is not only the parents who suffer from it, but it dampens the reputation of that particular school in a few minutes. 

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