Is it better to study alone or in groups?

Most of the students are not sure whether they should study alone or in a group. Some students might prefer studying alone rather than being surrounded by two or more people. On the flip side, some love to be a part of group sessions or say wish to study in groups. This makes them feel stimulated. Now this might reflect an introverted and extroverted nature. You need to read this blog to know more about the difference. So let us begin with:

Why you should study alone?

We all have been through the studying phase where we would sit around with our classmates to do our preparation for the coming exam. But it was not done without gossiping, chatting, and poking fun at each other. Somehow you take the leave to avoid further distraction and get back to your study routine to concentrate on your exam. Now here you will find studying alone more effective than a group study. 

But let us tell you both have an equal share of their benefits. When it comes to studying people often imagine themselves in a bedroom flipping pages and taking down notes. Or another option that is open for them is a library where there is a strict silence rule. Even though it might seem serious, but is necessary if you want to concentrate and stay away from distractions. Some of the best advantages of studying alone are:

Minimum distractions

When you keep yourself locked in a room, then there are fewer possibilities of side distractions in comparison to group study or any public spot. When you are alone with your company of study material, then there is no one to move around or come nearer to you for a chat. Hence, it is easy to devote your 100% attention to your exam preparations. 

You can focus on your learning

There are some topics which have been discussed in the class, and you have to practice them. So when you choose to study alone, then you can completely focus on them. Now there are two different types of choices made by students. Some might consider the PM time more better whereas others might still have belief in studying during AM. Well, it all depends on their own convenience. Either way, the study schedule does not get disturbed, and they are free to take short breaks in between. 

Group study

For those who think it is hard to concentrate in a group study, then contradicting their belief it is not completely true. It depends on the people around you. If they are the ones who enjoy baseless talks then you cannot imagine studying properly. On the other side, if you are with the ones who are sincere and motivated, then yes, you will experience the benefit of studying in a group. It does make a difference with the people around you. Like the benefits of studying alone, there are also benefits of group study such as:

Clearing your doubts & concepts

The one best advantage of studying in a group is you can share your problems with your fellow mates. By sharing each other ideas you tend to clear your doubts and concepts. As it says sharing is giving, you distribute your learning skills to others. 

It also refrains you from other distractions

Yes, you heard it right, studying alone is not the only way to keep yourself away from distractions. As an example, if your mind deviates from studying to watch a web series or a movie on Netflix with the audible volume on, then you will suddenly realize that other people too are studying with you and they can lose their concentration because of you. So in that way, it keeps you aloof from side attractions. 


So after knowing both study cases what do you think about it? Well, it is not that simple to favour which of the two. This is because both have their own share of merits. Often we do not get time to absorb lectures. But if we study alone and do revision on it, then it proves beneficial. If you seek to attend a trade show, then you will be required to fill up your trade show registration which includes business information, contact and product information. 

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