What is Artificial Intelligence: Why is it so popular today?

Artificial Intelligence has been a popular buzzword among tech-savvy enthusiasts nowadays. This new technology now has become a prominent need for many big companies for their digital services. If you think it is a newbie tech innovation in the present technology world, then let us correct you it began its journey around 65 years ago, but it made its presence in the present scenario by becoming a cost-efficient way for storing, transferring, and computing an immense data which was impossible before. 

The growing popularity of Artificial Intelligence

The growth of the AI industry is not new to us. Be it tech newsletters that have been subscribed, to or getting an email, you will get some news about AI. It is everywhere now be it high-tech magazines, engineering, data science, or journalism. Moreover, it has become a need for entrepreneurs in finding new ways of improving their business by applying AI. 

No matter whether the invention of AI has taken in the West, we all can witness its future spreading across other parts of the world. It seems unstoppable now. Often in the news you come across AI-generated images that make people believe it to be true. Now with the use of this technology, you can imagine how a person will look old or young. 

What are the main factors behind the phenomenal rise in AI?

There are many factors which are responsible for the rise of AI. Let us have a glance over them.

Computational power

AI needs ample computational power. There has been much advancement in the deployment of complex deep-learning models. It has been made possible through GPUs. It is known to be one of the essential forms of computing technology for business as well as for personal computing. 

For making smart decisions

An AI agent finds its best use for taking smart decisions like which item to be recommended at the time of online shopping for organizing an object from an image. It is done efficiently when AI is applied to large data sets and big data. 

Improving algorithms

AI is used to better algorithms where many of which run on the idea of Neural networks and are receiving positive results continually. 

Heavy Investment

Major investments in AI have been made by big tech players like Baidu, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. AI has been rising at a faster rate both in the field of economy and study.

AI from the academic point of View

As we are discussing the topic of AI and its importance in the current scenario, then from the scientific approach, there has been the emergence of new research via experiments and innovative ideas regarding building a better AI for the welfare of people‚Äôs life. And it is hard to ignore the fact that there are people from academia and industry who have been making efforts to propel the boundaries that have been known today. Changes in the present AI have been taking place so fast that they can make us imagine a bright future ahead. 

From economical approach

Now coming from an economic perspective, it is expected that by 2030, AI would be contributing around $15.7 trillion to the world economy, as the PwC report says. This is the present integrated output of India and China. There are numerous things taking place in the tech space on the constant move. Soon we will be witnessing the latest discoveries with the use of AI. 

How is AI from a career perspective?

If you ask from a career perspective then yes, AI does make a better option to plan a lucrative career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a 31.4 per cent rise in career opportunities for the post of data scientists and mathematical science by 2030. 


Artificial Intelligence does make a good future in all over the world including India. As has been said above, by 2030 people can avail the best opportunities for the post of data scientist and mathematical science expert as predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By mastering the skills required in the AI industry, a person can also look forward to other profiles like Principal Scientist, Data Scientist, Computer Vision Engineer, Statistician, and Research engineer. A degree certificate verification is an automated process initiated by universities and colleges to avoid revenue loss through illegal verifications which is a common issue faced today.

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