global revenue of the smart clothing industry is expected to reach US$ 23.28 billion by 2032

By 2032, the global smart clothing market   will record a staggering value of $23.28 billion . By 2026, the market  is expected to reach $7.63 billion and is widely utilized by professional sportsmen and the medical industry, with the medical industry  expected to be a significant beneficiary accounting for 30%  of the revenue .

By the end of the 2022-2032 forecast period, the industry  is projected to reach a value of $23.28 billion.

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market competition

In the global smart clothing industry, more and more partnerships are expected to introduce more fashionable, comfortable and functional products, broadening the reach of prominent players. Some notable developments include:

  •  For example, Sensoria  Inc. has been working with  MYZONE  to provide comfortable and accurate heart rate monitoring apparel for the past five years , some of the first products being the Sensoria T-shirt and MYZONE Powered Sports Bra respectively.
  • December 2017  TexRey  Industrial Co. Ltd.  launched a new multi-bio-monitoring smart garment at the Yi-Deng Nursing Center. With this product launch, centers can collect personal biometric data from inpatients to enhance surveillance and monitoring to enable long-term care.   

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Key companies profiled:

  • Ohm Signal Co., Ltd.
  • Cute Circuit Co., Ltd.
  • curry technique
  • MAD Clothing Inc.
  • Wearable X
  • Medtronic PLC
  • Tex-Ray Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Sensatex Co., Ltd.
  • Noble Biomaterials Inc
  • Sensoria Co., Ltd.

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Key divisions:

  • By product type:
    • smart socks
    • smart insole
    • smart pants
    • smart jacket
    • smart shirt
    • smart dress
    • smart suit
    • smart scarf
    • smart bra
    • smart shoes
  • Applications:
    • Embedded electronic smart clothing
    • Attachable electronic smart clothing
  • technology:
    • ultra smart clothing
    • passive smart clothing
    • active smart clothing
  • By industry:
    • health care 
    • industry 
    • army 
    • work out 
  • By region:
    • North America 
    • Latin America 
    • europe
    • appeal 
    • japan 
    • Middle East and Africa

The questionnaires answered in the report are as follows.

  •  How did the industry grow?
  •  What are the current and future prospects for each region?
  •  What are the challenges and opportunities?
  •  Why Local Consumption?
  •  Which segment of the year is expected to overtake the segment?

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  • Overcome:   This report takes a closer look at what could be the Achilles heel of the smart clothing industry and helps create strategies to overcome the hurdles that may hinder the growth of the smart clothing industry.
  • Leveraging:   The smart apparel industry can leverage certain aspects to help boost its growth rate. Fact.MR covers all points that can be leveraged by key stakeholders.
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