Best Smart Watch for Cricketers

A smartwatch is a digital device or android wristwatch that can connect to your smartphone to enable different useable apps like step counting, calorie burning, and sports applications. Sportsmen especially cricketers are using it for tracking their record of running, trekking, outdoor walking, body composition, and tracking calories. From ground practice to eating and sleeping, the cricketers use smart features of their android watches to get the best results.

Unfortunately, the ICC (International Cricket Council) and ECB (England Cricket Board) banned smartwatches in 2018 to wear during the match. Because the chance of contacting bookies or cricket handlers increases wear a calling-featured smartwatch in the field. The smartwatches are not permitted in the Player and Match Officials Area (PMOA) to prevent upcoming mishaps for both players and officials.

Even in this condition, digital watches are becoming the supreme gadgets for cricketers and sportsmen. They can use them all the seasons without any problem. Ground practices are good ways for gamers to increase their stamina and courage. Therefore, the players follow the system of measurement and execute well. Hence, smartwatches give importance to every moment of your life and balance it accordingly.

Top Smartwatches Have Sports Modes

Cricketers and cricket lovers use handsome gadgets for sportsmanship. They can be smartwatches full of features like checking live scorecards, and cricket notifications. Smartwatches have all the features that sportsmen want to balance their health. A smart watch can help to monitor all the activities on the ground as well as an in-house hobby. Several types of smartwatches have sports modes and sporty looks that add value to one’s life by wearing such an amazing and feature-packed digital watch.

BoAt Smart Watch Xtend Sport

One of the best sports smartwatches is boat xtend sport which has 700+ sports modes, sporty designs, and apps that provide updates, scorecards, and much more. It is known as the best smart watch for crickets and runners to watch the metrics easily while playing or workout. You can change the smart watch faces to uprising the new look and styles. Buying this watch for cricket and other sport goings-on is worth it.


Xtend boAt sports watch is prodigious for cricketers and sports lovers. Let’s see its features.

  • Bluetooth calling
  • 600+ Watch faces
  • Screen size 1.69” HD 
  • Live cricket score
  • Notifications for calls and text
  • Heart rate & SpO2
  • Sleep monitoring

There are many more as per requirements like apps for cricket scores and health management.

Forerunner 255

Forerunner 255 smart watch is a sports android watch used for running, calculating steps, and monitoring different activities like cycling, and hiking. Cricket can also take advantage of practice like counting balls (hitting the balls, remaining balls of an over) exercising, and other health management actions. It is a great wearable gadget for cricket lovers too. One can get notifications of scores and match updates by installing featured cricket apps.


Forerunner 255 is a smartwatch that enables sports modes and watches faces in different ways.

  • Slim Design
  • Always-on Display
  • 14 Days Battery Life
  • Sleep Reports
  • HRV Status 
  • Training Plans

And much more to plan your daily routine.

Galaxy Fit2

Galaxy fit2 smart watch is also a good choice for cricketers and sportsmen. It has a sleek and compact design that makes it easy to wear and use. With all the features and specs, it is considered one of the best smartwatch brands in Pakistan, offering a lot of facilities under your budget. From monitoring health to tracking routes and locations, galaxy fit 2 is one solution.


The galaxy fit2 has significant features that we have mentioned below in the points for a better understanding.

  • Built-in GPS
  • Sleep control system
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Store music and data
  • Calories burning counting app
  • Receive and respond to notifications
  • Step counting for runners and cricketers

And you can install apps to see live match scores right to your wrist.

Smart Watches Compatible with Cricket Apps

Some smartwatches have built-in apps, and others can install apps for cricket. One can check the notifications of live matches like scores, and upcoming events. Galaxy 5 and boAt xtend smartwatches can receive updates without any worries. Having a smartwatch that has features that crickets and sportsmen love is a rich feeling. Even in dark, without an electricity supply, you can get all information on your wrist.

You can rely on forerunner 255 too to get in touch for live match updates. This is also the finest gadget for cricketers and gamers. Installing apps that are compatible with this smartwatch is easy to access your desired program or activity. You can buy sports watches like Samsung galaxy fit2, and boAt xtend, and install cricket info apps in it like CricHeroes, and Cricbuzz to stay updated with the latest scoreboard and other notifications.

What Features Should Be Included In A Smart Watch For Cricketers?

A smartwatch for cricketers should be a sporty look and fancy faces that create an amazing feeling wearing it on the wrist. It should be well-designed and display features to see notifications easily while running or exercising. A cricketer and a cricket lover both are crazy about the game, and having a smartwatch full of specs and features will provide all they need for the updates. It can be scores, wickets, and the number of overs of a match that can be counted.

Besides this, the sports watch should be compact and sleek to wear perfectly like the band can be adjusted or changed according to the size of your wrist. Bluetooth for connecting and calling, and well-being monitoring apps are also useful for players. Players can perform well during the actual games when realizing the metrics of their performance on practice grounds. And that is why when the smartwatch has full of features.  Also, iOS should be compatible with android to connect with your mobile phones.

Final Thoughts

Smartwatches, even any use of sports like cricket and football, are useful. Some of the watches are specific, including health management and sports. Some are common for various types of workouts and app running purposes. Whatever you want to buy for wear but make sure that this one will suit you. Buying a smartwatch online is not difficult but choosing the best retailer or marketplace is worth it or value for money because they never hurt their customers in any condition.

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