Ricoma Mt-1501 Typical Issues & Fixes

The Ricoma embroidery machine has a huge working area that’s suitable for heavy particulars and a redesigned lowest sewing arm for hard- to- embroider areas. Popular among startups, the Ricoma embroidery machine can exaggerate anything from totes to drapes.

But there are some Ricoma mt- 1501 common problems that you might face. So, in this composition, we will bandy Ricoma mt- 1501’s common problems and how you can break them.

How To Resolve A ‘ Main Axis Is Not At Hundred Degrees ’ Error?

The Ricoma embroidery machine has to be at a hundred degrees for normal operations. Whenever the main axis error comes, it means the machine is telling you that the detector is n’t aligned. To resolve this ‘ MAIN AXIS IS NOT AT HUNDRED DEGREES ’ error, on your panel, elect the hundred- degree icon.

still, also the needle is n’t being detected over the working area, If a NO NEEDLE error is displayed. To correct the turn, turn off your machine. also, place the degree wheel clump in your machine back and manually align it to hundred degrees. Turn on the machine again, and the machine will find a needle position automatically. After everything has finished lading, press the hundred- degree icon on the panel onceagain.However, the machine is functional, If there are no further error dispatches shown.

What Is The Reason Behind Deviating Aches?

Deviating aches could be the result of incorrect threading. insure the top and bobbin vestments are correctly threaded. However, check the thread pressure, If the machine is correctly threaded. Plus, be certain to check the needle. An old or loose needle would beget looping and other Mt 1501 Embroidery digitizing issues.

Is It Okay To Use A analogous Needle For All Kinds Of systems?

Ballpoint needles are used for nearly every kind of design. Though, we suggest using sharp point needles on leather, satin, or any other fine fabric. For big material, we suggest using an80/12 needle. On metallic vestments, use a90/14 needle, which has a bigger eye that will lessen disunion as the thread passes through.

Is It needed To Use Backing On All systems?

Yes, the backing is important to use on all systems because it’s the stabilizer for your design. The backing you use will calculate on the fabric you’re stretching. On heavyweight fabrics, use thick backings. For light in weight garments, use thin backings.

What Is The Stylish Suitable Thread For Embroidery?

Hundred percent polyester vestments are best suitable for Embroidery systems. A polyester thread is more dependable and tends to leave smaller tinctures as compared to a rayon thread.

Do Metallic vestments Work The Same As Rayon Or Polyester vestments?

No, each type of thread works else, so be certain to acclimate the pressure counting on the thread you use. For metallic vestments, loosen the top pressure clump and lessen the speed of your machine to about 500 spm for better- quality aches.

How To Decide Which Size Of Hoop To Use?

The size of the circle relies on the size of the embroidery you want to produce. The stylish circle you can use is the lowest circle that the design will fit in. You can place the circle on top of the printout from your embroidery software to get an idea of the circle size you must use for the specific design.

Where To Place The Most Generally Used Color Spools?

The most generally used black and white color spools must be placed on the right side of the machine. You can as well place them toward the reverse of the thread rack if you do n’t have enough space to walk toward the reverse of your machine to change spools.

What Is The Reason Behind The X Limit Error Or Y Limit Error, And How To Correct It?

You’re getting this error because your design might be veritably big for the circle, or you’re trying to sew outside the preset circle periphery. You can moreover use a larger circle or move the totem around so you stay within the boundaries of the circle.

  1. What Is The Reason Behind Thread Breaks?

There are some common causes that affect in thread breaks

  1. The needle can be worn- out if you have been using it for a long time or on thick fabrics.
  2. Your machine might be inaptly threaded. Check the thread passage to insure all the vestments are deposited correctly.
  3. vestments might be old or damaged
  4. Dragged exposure to air, heat, and light could make your thread weak. To help thread breakage, store the thread in a dark, cool place.
  5. Hooping might not be tight enough
  6. The pressure might be veritably loose or veritably tight.

Ending Line

So, this was Ricoma mt- 1501 common problems, common crimes Ricoma machine, and how you can break them. We hope you enjoyed reading this composition as we did in jotting.

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Hope this composition will be helpful for you guys!

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