What is the reason BWTC is the most significant investment opportunity?

Blue World Trade Center:

It is the Blue World Trade Center is Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s best investment opportunity. Blue World Trade Center (BWTC) offers a wide range of business and shopping opportunities within one. It is comprised of over 23 floors. It also provides office space and retail outlets at an affordable cost.

Owners and Developers:

Blue Group of Companies represents one of the fastest-growing and diverse companies within Pakistan with local roots; however, it is global in its vision with a significant presence in the Gulf region and its home in the United States. Blue Group of Companies is actively working on the development of Blue World City Islamabad, the country’s most exciting real estate expansion.

Blue Group of companies is changing the culture of business in Pakistan by setting new standards of honesty, professionalism, commitment, and service delivery across various business areas, including construction education, real estate development marketing, the travel industry, and food and beverage.

Why do I choose BWTC?

These are the factors that make it an excellent investment opportunity.

  • Location
  • Top-tier Amenities
  • Pay effortlessly
  • Amazing Design
  • The Value of Business


In terms of geographical location, Blue World Trade Center is a prime commercial area. Blue World Trade Center is located at Main GT Road, Bahria Paradise Commercial. It is situated near Bahria town Rawalpindi Phase 1 6. BWTC has attracted much attention because of its simple accessibility by Grand Trunk Road. Rawalpindi’s and Islamabad’s famous business districts are only two minutes from the BWTC.

  • It is conveniently near its location in Islamabad expressways and other highways with high speeds. It is easy to access.
  • Near Bahria Town Phase 1-6
  • A 10-minute drive away in the direction of PC Hotel.
  • Only 2 minutes out of Bahria Town Hospital.
  • Rawalpindi Railway Station is approximately 15 minutes away.
  • It is just a few minutes away from the airport Islamabad International airport.
  • Nearby Civic centre Bahria Town.

Top-tier Amenities:

Blue World Trade Center offers top-of-the-line amenities that no similar business centre in Pakistan provides. The amenities offered include top-of-the-line security, hazard management, backup power security CCTV, elevators with dedicated access, firefighting systems, prayer areas, 24-hour maintenance, and backup generators. It is the centre for regional and internationally-renowned brands. Ample parking spaces, well-ventilated areas for work near the workplace, the latest elevators, accommodation and international supermarkets, food outlets, convenience restaurants, and an unstoppable energy supply available throughout the day. This is the most profitable investment option in Pakistan.

The Shopping Attractions

CCTV security system Dedicated elevators with firefighting systems Prayer area with 24/7 Maintenance backup generator The central centre to local & International brands Hazards Control dedicated Management Maintenance Large parking fully air-conditioned and clean Close Working Area High-end elevators system accommodations multinational convenience and grocery stores that are open 24 hours a day without interruption. Power supply

Large conference rooms with spacious work spaces, Fast Wi-Fi access, reliable parking, Food options, and famous restaurant chains. High return on investment.

Simple Payment Plan

Blue World Trade Center offers easy and affordable payment options. You can reserve your space at only 25% of the cost. Regarding the ease of use and price, it’s pretty good. Blue World Trade Center provides various business infrastructure services. Customers can select from a wide range of choices based on their individual customer’s needs.


In addition to its striking exterior and unique exterior, The BWTC is a luxurious structure with an impressive design, stunning layout, and an elegant interior layout. Beyond the grand entranceway and spacious hall, the facilities include:

  • A spectacular fountain.
  • Well-lit artwork.
  • New marble flooring.
  • Amazing glass walls.
  • Elegant retail space.

The value of the business:

BWTC is Rawalpindi’s first twin-tower structure. It will be a magnet for many top-quality clients as well as customers. Since it’s located on GT Road, it is close to all areas of residential and commercial zones, including DHA1 as well as DHA-2. Bahria Town, and Gulrez housing society. Due to the variety of brands offered at the mall and the latest corporate space facilities, the mall is expected to attract attention. We recommend you make reservations for space for your company or outlet before the time that the room is fully booked.

Elegant Shopping Experience:

There’s nothing more impressive than this Blue World Trade Center for an unforgettable shopping experience. Blue World Trade Center offers excellent stores and an atmosphere that is tranquil to shop. BWTC has a broad range of regional and internationally-known brands.

  • Spacious Outlets
  • Many brands

This is the Perfect Workspace:

Blue World Trade Center Corporate spaces are designed to meet the requirements of multinational and national companies seeking to expand their operations in environments equipped with the latest technology. The Blue World Trade Center provides your company with the newest technology, commercial, leisure, and facilities. The purchase of offices in commercial towers is more sensible in light of the economic conditions currently and the foreseeable future developments.

  • Spacious Conference Rooms
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Cafeteria

An Investing Opportunity that pays:

  • The BGC-IGC consortium is one of Pakistan’s most trusted and varied developers.
  • Ideal locations for businesses to set up shop
  • Features and designs that are unique and modern
  • The flexible and attractive pricing structure


The Blue World Trade Center offers the highest return on investment for those who invest in Pakistan. Blue World Trade Center distinguishes it from other places to conduct business. Therefore, you can choose the best place to invest your money in Pakistan.

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