How Does The Workers Compensation Insurance Lancaster Claim Process Work?

Every workplace injury is different, but having the right workers compensation insurance by your side is a blessing that supports the employer and employee throughout the claim process. The coverage of workers compensation insurance Lancaster makes sure that the injured employees receive the right care that they need to successfully get back to the work. In order to get the best benefits of workers compensation insurance coverage, it is a must that every employee and employer are well-versed in its claim process so they can make the right use of it.

The claim process of workers compensation insurance is unique for employees and employers, but it is not an intimidating task that one can’t overcome. In this post, you will get a detailed overview of the Lancaster workers compensation insurance claim process right from beginning to end, and get to know what are your responsibilities throughout the process.

Employees immediately report a work-related injury to the employer

This is the initial step where the workers compensation claim process kicks off. Both employee and employer have a limited time to file a workers compensation claim. It is the responsibility of the employer to file a claim with the insurer and the employee needs to first fill out paperwork, like documentation of the date, time, and circumstances of the work injury.

Employee receives proper medical treatment

Medical treatment of the injured employee depends on the severity of the injury. If the injury is not serious, then first aid treatment is given and if the injury is serious, then the best medical treatment is provided to the employee immediately. The medical care provider will prepare a medical report of the employee after treatment and the employer will send that report directly to the Lancaster workers compensation insurance company for the claim settlement amount.

Filing the claim with your workers compensation insurance carrier

Generally, the employer will file the workers compensation claim with the insurance company including forms and documentation to the state’s workers compensation board. It is the responsibility of the employer to report the claim timely and provide the relevant to the insurance company.

Waiting for the insurer to accept or reject the workers compensation insurance claim

Once the employer filed all the paperwork including the documentation, the insurance company will assess the claim on several aspects and decide whether the employee’s claim is valid for the settlement. If the insurance provider accepts the claim, then it is the choice of the employee to either accept the payment offered by the insurer or negotiate either a lump-sum settlement amount or a larger structured settlement amount.

At the end of the entire workers compensation insurance claiming process, the employee will return to work after receiving the proper medical care. Safety is one of the top priorities on the job, but sometimes workplace injuries happen even in the safest environments. That’s where the coverage of comprehensive workers compensation insurance stands out to protect the safety and well-being of employees to keep the company running smoothly.

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