Commercial Dry Carpet Cleaning


Some, however, not all of the other businesses are using cleaning products that leave traces, which results in rapid re-soiling. Whittaker is the most effective option. No matter if the carpet may be getting damaged from the accumulation of soil, and that weighted-down appearance that we all recognize We can help get rid of the problem.

Sometimes, dealing with this type of soil may require two or even three cleanings on high-traffic roads or at the entry points for Carpet washing and detailing services in Hong Kong food services. Why is Angel Dry the company to choose? We use only the top Austrian-made equipment and top-quality cleaning products that are safe for your company and the surroundings.

As a small business and the proprietor is more knowledgeable in dry cleaning carpets than other companies. We’ve been operating for a decade, but we’re still young and eager to expand. This means that we will always ensure that the job will be completed properly. This means that we are not focused on short-term profits since we understand that it’s difficult for novice users to learn how to use the Whittaker method.

This isn’t rocketing science however, it’s more difficult than you think. If you persist and can understand how to use the Whittaker program (perhaps enroll in an online class) and you can understand the program, it’s very feasible to implement the system at home.

It’s much less expensive than hiring a business like ours; we have a higher cost per square foot but our cost per hour of labor is much lower than that of the vast majority of dry carpet cleaning firms.

Why not use steam?

Commercial carpets are typically laid on a thick Carpet cleaning services in hong kong layer of dried glue, which is then laid over concrete. It is important to note that glue and water do not mix. Both glue and water may cause some seepage from the glue. This isn’t ideal.

Incorporate hot water into the process, and you can see the glue heating up, accompanied by a stream of high-pressure water. There’s also the water element in steam cleaning.

A lot of offices need portable equipment, which is poor at extracting power and the carpet will remain wet for longer and which creates more opportunities for the growth of microbial. These include water-loving bacteria, molds, mildew, and others. Yuck.

Another reason not to use hot extraction of water (aka steam cleansing) is due to the soapy residue that this process is known to leave behind. It is impossible to eliminate the detergents. All that remains is a powerful magnet to a soil that is constantly growing that is tracked into.

If the soil adheres to the carpet fibers the vacuum cleaner may lack the strength to take it up. 

Soil is then ground in the carpet fibers, causing abrading with every 100 lbs. step taken from a shoe heel which causes the carpet pile to lose its resiliency. In addition, the carpet is not being cleaned properly as it gets less durable with every cleaning.

Angel Dry’s top tools and cleaning supplies will help you maintain your office space in a completely new manner.

When you use the Dry Carpet Cleaning method we employ at Angel Dry there is no sign of wear and tear or even pseudo-cleaning issues are a problem. We utilize plant-based items that have been LEED Gold certified. What is that? It means that your workspace will be given a thorough, ecologically friendly clean using products that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) leaving behind no sticky remnants.

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