RV Membership and Discount Clubs—Benefits and Features

Travelling in an RV on vacation may save a family of four between 23 and 59 percent on their vacation costs. How so? Thanks to RV membership and discount clubs. RV membership and discount clubs may save members substantial money on RV-related expenditures, making the RV lifestyle more reasonable. They also come with more interesting features and benefits like convenience and a sense of togetherness. In this article, you will learn about the features of RV membership and discount clubs and why you should be in one right now.

Features of RV membership and discount clubs

  • Roadside assistance

Some clubs provide members roadside assistance services such as automobile towing and tire changes.

  • Member-only events and rallies

Many clubs offer member-only events, such as rallies, campouts, and other activities.

  • Access to special discounts and perks from other companies

Many clubs have alliances with other businesses, such as RV manufacturers and suppliers, and provide members exclusive discounts and privileges from these businesses.

  • RV rental discounts

Some clubs provide members with savings on RV rentals from partnering firms.

  • Insurance

Some clubs provide RV and other vehicle insurance and personal liability insurance.

  • Members-only online resources

Some clubs provide members-only online resources such as discussion forums, bulletins, and travel guides.

  • Access to a community of fellow RV enthusiasts

Many clubs offer a community of RV enthusiasts who share ideas, information, and experiences and a chance to interact with other RVers.

  • Access to exclusive RV parks and campsites

Many private campground membership clubs have affiliations with RV parks around the country, allowing members to stay in these areas for reduced or free weekly costs.

Benefits of RV membership and discount clubs

  1. Saves money on camping fees and other costs

RV clubs are beneficial for various reasons, including:

  • access to roadside assistance services
  • insurance savings
  • reductions on weekly and daily RV park prices

However, with an RV club membership, you may get a percentage off those nightly and weekly prices, saving you a lot of money over time. The discount varies per park, but the main thing is to look for RV club emblems on a park’s website or inquire about possible discounts while making your reservation. After just a few nights at an RV park, you may easily repay the cost of your membership, and then you save money every night after that. 

  1. Sense of community

RV membership and discount clubs may foster community among members through:

  • giving access to a network of fellow RV enthusiasts
  • member-only events and rallies
  • member-only online resources
  • a support system
  • a sense of shared interest

In addition, these groups may be a terrific opportunity for RV enthusiasts to interact, exchange experiences, and make new friends. 

  1. Convenience

Many clubs provide members access to trip planning tools, such as route planning and campsite reservations, to help them plan their RV excursions. Furthermore, some clubs provide roadside assistance. This is lifesaving if something goes wrong.

Some clubs also provide members with excellent information and guidance regarding RVing through members-only web resources. In addition, many clubs give their members access to trip preparation tools. These tools include route planning and campsite bookings. This can help members plan their RV vacations more easily by allowing them to:

  • map out routes
  • locate campgrounds and RV parks
  • make bookings in advance

RV memberships can provide a variety of modest perks that can simplify travelling. You’ll get up-to-date information about what to anticipate in your camping experience before you arrive, with partner campsites listed alongside amenities and reviews from other member campers. Don’t allow the “unknowns” to keep you from planning your next adventure. Try a travel membership and learn how these tools may alleviate the stress of the unexpected.

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