The Gan 356 – The Fastest 3×3 Puzzle Cube

The Gan 356 is one of the fastest 3×3 puzzle cubes that have ever been made. It has a stickerless construction, and can be used for both speed and puzzle games.

GAN 251 M

GAN 251 M is a great cube for 2×2 speedcube play. Its light weight makes it feel airy and stable. Moreover, the rounded slide track and smooth contact surface are perfect for all ages. There are also anti-pop and anti-twist technologies for better performance. In addition, the Frosted Surface design provides different texture grip.

While the original version of the GAN 251 M features a clear display box, the Pro and Leap versions come in a flip box. You can adjust the tension of the magnets in three positions. This way, you can customize the cube for different types of solving.

The Leap has larger and stronger core magnets. It also has a glossy finish. Plus, its 5mm diameter makes it have an extremely strong magnetic click.

GAN 356 M Lite

The GAN 356 M Lite is a mid-range cube that boasts a plethora of features. From its GES to its IPG, there is no lack of options. This cube is not cheap, but if you’re willing to spend the money, you’ll get a great puzzle.

The best part is that it has a decent amount of features for the price. It also uses a numerical IPG core to make tuning easier. And, it comes with an optional set of spare GES springs. Moreover, the Lite edition has a frosted and scratch resistant surface.

The 356M is not only the first magnetically magnetized cube of its kind, but it is also the first factory-magnetized modern 3×3 in this price range. It also offers a unique encapsulated springs system, which provides increased speed and accuracy.

GAN 356 Air SM

GAN has produced a new version of their popular 356 Air series. The newest incarnation boasts improved performance, better balancing, and a slightly tweaked core. They also updated the springs.

While the SM has some very impressive features, it also has a couple of shortcomings. First off, it is very difficult to properly tension the cube. Second, the elasticity system isn’t as robust as its predecessor. It’s not a huge surprise when one considers the amount of torque applied.

On the plus side, the 356 Air SM is a great choice for corner cutting. A large number of magnets, a sturdy corner leg, and a unique honeycomb design keep it from flipping or twisting.

GAN 356 R S

GAN 356 RS is the latest and greatest from the budget cube kings. This new version of the tiger has improved upon its predecessors design, performance, and features. Some of the more noteworthy improvements include a new GES v3 core, a new honeycomb design, and IPG v5 systems. The GAN 356 RS is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their personal records.

There are several different variants of the 356 RS to choose from. One of the more popular choices is the GAN 356 R S. For a limited time, this cube is available at a discounted price. Aside from the aforementioned discount, GAN also offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

GAN 356 Air Pro

GAN 356 Air Pro is a new cube from the leading cube manufacturer. It features a numerical IPG and a unique honeycomb design. This model is designed with a focus on soft feel and turning ease.

It has a light weight and is ideal for cubers who want to have a smooth and easy turn. The 3×3 has a small 67g weight and a sturdy construction. A transparent display box is also included in the package.

This cube is a great option for the budget-conscious. The package includes an tensioning tool. Additionally, it comes with springs. However, an extra case is not shipped with the cube.

There are four different core options. You can choose between a numerical IPG, Numerical IPG, or a Numerical Numerical IPG. These three cores allow you to adjust the magnet strength in the corners.


The Gan 356 S V2 was an update to the original, released in December 2015. It features a GES v3, the newest version of the GES. This system allows users to switch the strength of the magnets in the corners. Also, it includes a new IPG system.

The GANINFINITY Cube, on the other hand, is a little less complex. It’s smaller than most cubes, but still fast and controllable. Plus, it comes with some interesting features.

In terms of the GANINFINITY, the main thing to remember is that it’s a pretty decent cube. However, it’s not the best one in the world.

Besides being a nice cube, the GANINFINITY has some cool features. First, it can change the internal color, a feat in itself. Second, it can change the lubrication. These options aren’t available in most custom cubes, but they are in GANINFINITY cubes.

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