Why It’s Important to Use the Right Medical Device Packaging?

Poor packaging solutions can lead to damaged inventory, unhappy customers, and loss of orders. If you’re looking for packaging products, here’s why it’s vital that you make wise buying choices. Read on to know more about why packaging matters. That will help you look for packaging products with a better eye for detail. 

Helps Determine Your Manufacturing Process

Some types of packaging for medical devices can be used with automated, semi-automated, or manual systems. What type of system do you have? What shape will the product be once it is completed? What is the size of the item? What sterilization method or approach will you use for the device? Those questions help you arrive at the best solution. 

Affects Your Overall Costs 

When you design, develop, and deliver a new device, one of the many things you need to consider is the overall costs of the project. How you will manufacture and package your products impact this greatly. How do you create packaging that will keep your product safe during transport, so it will arrive at the doorstep of your clients whole, undamaged, and in excellent condition? Excellent packaging solutions do that. They keep products safe, so they won’t get damaged in transit. 

Poor Planning Can Lead to Delays

You may have the best device in the world. But if you haven’t figured out the packaging for your product, that will keep you from bringing your product to market. Delays like that are costly. If you want to get your products off the ground, start working on your packaging solutions early. Look for companies that offer custom packaging products that you can use. Some companies have an excellent reputation and track record for providing high-grade materials. Choose those organizations. It may be tempting to hire the services of a company that charges low rates. But you don’t want to take chances with your packaging. You need one that can protect your device. At the same time, it needs to be cost-effective and within your budget. Research until you find options that are within your price range. 

Must Match FDA Requirements 

Your packaging must satisfy the FDA’s sterility requirements. If that isn’t the case, your packaging won’t be able to withstand the stress and brunt of shipping. Once your packaged device goes through various physical hazards, will it remain undamaged? Will the product be all right? 

Other Things to Consider

  • Is the package too small or too large? 
  • Is the label on the packaging too small? Or is it the right size? Is the labeling easy to understand? Is it in an excellent spot, so people only need a minute to find it? 
  • Do the products and packaging solutions pass quality assurance checks? 
  • Don’t forget the device instructions. Is it easy to incorporate the text into the packaging? Will you run into problems with the text placement? Is it the right size? Will your clients have no trouble reading the text? 
  • If you are use raw materials, are they safe, traceable, and effective?

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