Details to Look for when Designing Sports Uniforms

The details of the basketball uniforms matter the most, and this statement would be backed by all. While the details of the uniforms hardly matter during games as no one can see them. Apart from the games, when the players stand together in a group, the details are all that matter. It is because they become pretty obvious. Therefore, one can say that designing basketball uniforms is a very critical job.

Therefore, to make your job a little easier, we have a few tips to guide you throughout the process. This way, you can easily keep an eye out for the details the sports jerseys require.

1. Dot the ‘I’ and Cross the ‘T’ in a Unique Way

Some letters and some sports can create unique designs for sports jerseys. Therefore, it allows you to add unique details to your sports outfit. In this way, all sports teams can have something unique to personalize their jerseys while still carrying the school colors and the mascot.

For example, if your school’s team has a name that has the letter ‘I’ in it, you can introduce different types of dots to dot the ‘I’. For example, each team can dot it with the ball they use for the game. It would lead the basketball team to have a basketball at the top of their ‘I’ on the jersey. Similarly, the softball team can have their ball. The tennis team can have a tennis ball and so on.

Similarly, if there is the letter ‘t’ in the name of the team you can cross it with the type of bat they use for playing. It would add a unique touch to all of the jerseys, and the more details you add to it, the more fabulous your team’s jersey would look.

2. Use of Accent Colors

When designers develop a color palette for a brand, they make sure to include one to two accent colors. These colors are usually deep and bright. The colors are so strong that they are sparingly used in the entire design. Therefore, when designing the t-shirt of the sports team, the designer would still use those colors but only rarely.

The primary purpose of these colors is to catch the eye and draw attention. Therefore, it is best to use them in the small parts of the uniform. For example, men’s basketball uniforms have colors, like black and white. You can use a neon green color around the sleeve hems or the collars.

Therefore, you can have your primary dark color as the body of the sports jersey and the accent color as the color around the rims or the collar. With this, you can add white laces. If you use white against dark red or blue, it would act as an accent color. Therefore by using these colors at a limit, you ensure that they remain out of the way and stay as accents.

3. Take Advantage of the Sublimation Process

The great part about getting sports jerseys made is that anything you design for them can get printed on the jersey using sublimation techniques of dye. It gets even easier when you are working with custom sports apparel. The advantage of custom-made tees is that you can play with all the colors and designs you like and create new and unique patterns. Everything becomes ten times more interesting when it comes to custom jerseys.

You also have the opportunity to try and push the limits of designing by creating designs that are a blend of two colors. Experiment with fading one color into another to yield unique results. This kind of design can be achieved by using the shadow effect. Another option is to draw sharp boundaries for the stripes that are in the jersey, it would elevate your design so much more. Do not hesitate to experiment with new things, remember the sky is your limit!

You can also take the logo of your school, team, town, or organization and fade it into the background. If not this, then pick a famous landmark and sketch the outer edges of it and use that for the fade. This would work like for example, you have a jersey in the color deep red. Then use maroon or a darker hue to get the logo in at the back. Try and fade it to a 30 to 50% saturation. This way you would add more details to your jersey.

So when someone is looking at it from far away they would just notice the red, but as they start coming near they would notice all of the other details. They would see the fading and other unique aspects of your uniform. That is when they would realize that it is not all red. And their attention would automatically get drawn toward the details.

4. Know the Features of every Sport and its Uniforms that you have to Work With

The more you get into the details of sports uniforms the more you would learn that is so much more than just a basic jersey. Each uniform is different for each sport. The different kinds of games have their requirements and thus a different design that plays in their favor. If we talk about the laces around the neck of a hockey jersey. What do you do if you do not want that? You can go for a crew neck or a V-neck or any other kind of neck. But you have to learn how the shape affects your ideas.

For example, you are designing baseball uniforms. Now the length of the pants that you go for will affect the design of the socks. Why? This is because it will determine what details on the socks would be visible and which ones won’t be seen by anyone. Thus you would have to design each piece accordingly.

Final Words

Let’s take designing basketball uniforms as an example, they are easy-peasy, right? Nope wrong. They are just as technical.  You have to design the tiniest bit of detail. Even the trim around the neck and the design of the shorts have to be done with the utmost care! Each aspect you pick out of all the sports uniforms would bring about a different assortment of options for customization.

However, once you get to it, just like everything else you will get the hang of it. Moreover, you will start loving the details and the designs and would love playing with them and manipulating them. Well, that’s it, for now, happy designing!

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