4 Tips For Offering Online Exams

Rethink the Exam Architecture

Day states that instructors can switch to online exams from paper exams to have a chance to reexamine how they hold exams. “

UNE administrators are looking at eliminating an exam period. This was originally created for logistical reasons. “

Day explains that you can incorporate elements of video exploration and website exploration into an exam. This opens up both the types of questions you can ask and the answers you can give.

Prioritize Student Convenience

Instructors often try to recreate a lecture-hall exam by asking students to take the online exam simultaneously. It doesn’t make any difference if they get an advance question from someone who has taken the exam.

Take note that asynchronous exams can help students manage multiple aspects of their life, Day said. A student can sit for their exam after work, at home, or after their kids go to bed.

UNE Students have taken their exams from the comfort of their beds, on cruise ships while on vacation, and on military deployments. Day states that although they don’t know what drove him to do this, it was a good decision for him.

Students are reminded that online cheating is often less successful

Cheating is everywhere there are tests. “

UNE collaborates with ProctorU for its exams. Students can schedule exams 24/7 with a live tutor who will verify the student’s identity. An AI-based technology that flags unusual behavior (e.g. eye movements, typing speed variations) is used to monitor the student and alert the proctor.

Day claims that this method is better at stopping cheating than the old in-person exam centers. “

Keep in Mind That There’s Still A Human Involved

Privacy is one of the most common concerns about online exams. ‘”

Students who are concerned about their exam results can speak out to the university. About 5 percent of students chose this option.

Another concern is that AI or a Proctor from an outside company could be deciding cheating cases. “

These logs and recordings can be useful to the student and university. It does not become a lengthy proceeding for either the student or institution. “

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