How Can I Convert Excel to VCF Software | Verified Technique?

The features and capabilities of Excel Files make it one of the most popular apps in the world. Excel can ensure the integrity of data files while storing enormous amounts of data. However, Excel files have the drawback of only being able to be opened by an Excel application. If you don’t have an Excel application, you can’t access your Excel files.

As we mentioned before, there are several reasons why customers convert their Excel files to VCF format so that they can only be opened by specific applications. Other limits include the fact that XLS files cannot be opened by email clients or other applications and that Excel stores its data in the XLS/XLSX format. Let’s go right to the converting procedure so you don’t get confused.

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Free Solution to Export Excel Files into VCF File Format

You should be aware that the conversion process from Excel to VCF converter software is built up into three steps before beginning. Since Excel files are stored in the XLS format, as was already noted, there is currently no way to convert Excel files straight to VCF. Therefore, you must first change your XLS files to CSV format.

Part 1: Convert Your Selected Files to CSV Format

  • Open your Excel files first.
  • Select “File” from the menu.
  • You will see the CSV option after selecting File.
  • To finish the conversion, click Save.

Part 2: Import the Contacts from the CSV File

The user must import the contacts from the converted CSV files after converting the Excel file to CSV format. Take the actions outlined below.

  • First, select Start from the menu and then type contacts into the search field.
  • From the result that is shown, select the Contacts Tab.
  • Then, a ribbon bar option called “Import” will appear for you.
  • Navigate to the Import Windows Contacts menu and choose Import.
  • Browse the chosen file then move on to the following stage.
  • Finally, use the Finish button to finish the answer.
  • Finally, utilizing the approach, you may convert Excel to a VCF application.

Part 3: Export your Excel Files to VCF file format

  • By typing “contacts” into the search field, you may move your contacts.
  • After that, pick the vCard/VCF file format by clicking the Export option.
  • Browse the Destination for the converted VCF files by selecting the Export button.
  • To complete the conversion, click OK.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

This lengthy solution may tire you, but there is no other way to convert Excel to VCF software. This method works, but it takes a lot of time to complete and requires you to follow three stages. The integrity of the data is also in great danger. Although we are aware that it is capable of finishing the conversion, these obstacles are very large.

Efficient Technique to Convert Excel Files into VCF file

If you’re looking for a practical solution. In that case, if the manual method is not your cup of tea, we offer you the greatest method for doing this laborious conversion in a few minutes and with a few clicks. Software for converting Excel to vCards, The best Excel to VCF format converter.

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Steps to export Excel Files to vCard Format

  • Install and run the Excel to vCard converter application on your system.
  • Select the browse button, and add the Excel file.
  • Next, select the mapping column for vCard to match the data mapping.
  • Choose the output location to save the vCard file on your system.
  • Finally, press the “Export vCard Now” button to begin the procedure.


We explain the Excel to VCF software conversion in this article. Although we offer the greatest manual approach available, the manual solution is lengthy and difficult to understand. Therefore, we also give you access to an automated method that allows you to make this conversion quickly and easily.

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