A Simple Method for PST Duplicate Mail Removal

One such desktop email application is Microsoft Outlook, which is popular among Windows and Mac users. However, “How to Remove Duplicate Mail from PST” is one of the most popular lead to things by many Microsoft Outlook users. Because the majority of Outlook users experience this problem after a given amount of time.

Mail that has already been sent twice is called duplicate mail. Or, to put it another way, email duplication is the process of having several copies of your mailbox’s contents, especially emails.

Duplicate emails in your PST file can impair the application’s overall performance and productivity in addition to taking up space on your hard disc.

Therefore, if you are having an issue with duplicate emails in your PST and are interested in learning how to do so, this blog will undoubtedly be of use to you. We’ll talk about the top three strategies in this blog post, which will definitely be helpful to you.

Let’s first examine the causes of duplicate mail in the Outlook PST file before beginning a blog.

The Most Common Causes of Duplicate Email in Outlook PST

  • There are many users who have enabled their accounts to utilize the IMAP protocol, and if users have configured Outlook to immediately retry new emails upon restart and check the inbox, you will notice that every message in your mailbox has been duplicated.
  • There is a potential that a user’s network or server issue will result in message corruption on the server, which will result in duplicate mail being generated once Outlook begins its email Send/Receive process.
  • When you send or receive any email messages, Outlook produces duplicate mail if the option to leave a Copy of the Message on the Server is checked in your account settings.
  • The previous mail will be downloaded during the subsequent Outlook account if the mail server or Outlook is unable to react when sending and receiving the message.
  • You will definitely receive the same email on the allies if more than one alias is configured for the same email account in your Outlook profile. As a result, you will notice several duplicates.

Solutions for PST Duplicate Mail Removal

These forthcoming techniques will enable you to delete duplicate emails from the PST file all at once if you don’t want to remove emails one at a time.

Import/Export Wizard Option to Remove Duplicate Emails from PST

  • First, launch Outlook and choose File >> Export & Open Optional Import/Export
  • Now, from the Import/Export Wizard, choose “Import from another application of file.” Click the Next option after selecting Outlook Data File PST.
  • Now choose “Do not import duplicate” and click the browse button to browse the PST file. Next
  • Select the Outlook Data File you wish to export after completing the options, and then hit the Finish button.

Using the Cleanup Tool, remove duplicate mail from the PST.

The Microsoft Outlook PST file may be used to extract redundant or duplicate emails using this built-in function. These methods will enable you to remove duplicate emails from your PST file.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your Windows systems first.
  • Click the Clean Up tool link on the ribbon bar to continue.
  • Choose the option to Clean up Folders & Subfolders.
  • You’ll be given a dialogue window after clicking on the Clean Up folder and subfolder, asking if you want to continue with Clean Up or cancel. Just select the Clean Up option.
  • Enter the location of the deleted items folder by selecting the Setting option.
  • The Outlook options box will pop up after clicking on the Setting. To upload the PST file, simply click on the Browse button.
  • Select the Deleted Items option, then press the OK button.
  • After completing the settings, select the Clean-up Folder option to remove duplicate emails from Outlook’s inbox.

In Outlook, delete duplicate emails using the account settings.

One of the main causes of duplicate PST files, as we said before, is that many users have their accounts set up more than once. Therefore, users may utilize the Clean Up tool and the following instructions to delete duplicate emails from PST files.

  • You must first open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select “File” from the menu.
  • Now choose Account Settings by clicking the details button.
  • Lookup a configured account from the Mail tab in the Account Settings wizard.
  • If you have the same account configured more than once, you could easily remove the excess accounts by choosing the mail and choosing the Remove option.
  • Click the close button once the duplicate account has been eliminated from Outlook.
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How to Proceed If Manual Techniques Fail Advertisements

In certain cases, manual methods are insufficient to remove duplicate messages from PST files. For instance, manual techniques would not be able to swiftly delete all of your emails if you have a large quantity kept in your mailbox data. Additionally, your Outlook PST file’s cleanup function might not always be able to eliminate every duplicate email.

You should thus attempt a third-party solution in this case, such as the Sysessential Outlook Duplicate Remover utility. You might be asking why we recommended this tool to delete duplicate emails from Outlook. The tool is the most dependable and trustworthy software since it combines cutting-edge functionality with an intuitive user interface. Additionally, it removes duplicate PST files from password-protected, damaged, crazy PST files without affecting data integrity.


Duplicate emails are bad for your Outlook PST because they can destroy data, cause applications to freeze, and cause numerous other problems while using Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, it’s crucial to eliminate duplicates. As a result, we have covered the best methods for removing duplicate mail from PST in the blog post above.

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