How to Decide the Right Dimensions for Your Motherboard Box

There is nothing more confusing than trying to sort through different-sized boxes to find the right size for your box. In fact, this will make you get frustrated and overwhelmed when the possibilities seem endless. When it comes to choosing the most accurate size for your motherboard box, you really need to pay more attention. We know that motherboard is a sensitive product that can easily get broken. Well then, check out below for the steps you need to follow to decide the right dimensions for your boxes!

Understand Your Products When Designing Motherboard Boxes

The first thing you need to do to determine the size and type of packaging you need is to understand your products perfectly. Different types of motherboard products, of course, require different types of materials. For example, heavier products will require more durable motherboard boxes from corrugated material.

Another thing to consider is vulnerability. For motherboards, special consideration should be given to ensure that customers will receive them in one piece. In these situations, you can use thicker cardboard material in addition to stuffing to keep everything safe during transit. After all, you surely don’t want to disappoint those customers when receiving damaged products.

Get the Right Measurements for Your Motherboard Packaging Boxes

After considering everything about your products, the next thing to do is to take measurements. If you are just packing one product, this part is easy. Yet, when packing multiple products at once, it will take several tries to find the proper placement before measuring.

From there, you should get your tape measure out and start working. In total, you will need to perform three different measurements.

  • Left and right length
  • Front to back width
  • Depth from top to bottom

In general, you should add an extra 0.25 inches to your measurements. This will make sure there is a little slack inside. This way, you can avoid stuffing your products inside motherboard packaging boxes without space. Make sure to take note of these dimensions, so you don’t forget them when looking for your size.

The Weight of Your Product to Pack in a Wholesale Motherboard Box

It is also a good idea to weigh your product before deciding on the size and type. By doing this, you will get an idea of ​​the type of wholesale motherboard box to use. In this regard, you should invest in a quality shipping scale to get an accurate picture of the weight of your product. Eventually, you can save more money on shipping costs by doing this properly.

Design Considerations for Custom Motherboard Boxes

That said, investing extra money in custom motherboard boxes is only possible if they will work. This is why your packaging design should be 100% strategic, not imaginative. When designing the right boxes, there are some essential things to keep in mind to maximize your cost-effectiveness.

  • Branding is the first thing to incorporate into your boxes
  • What aspects of packaging are important to customers or especially appealing to them?
  • Where will customers see your product?
  • Will your packaging boxes help your product stand out from the competition?
  • Your spending budget

In the end, we can say that custom product boxes are definitely a solid investment if you wish to stand out from the competition.

Final Ideas

As you can see, figuring out the size of your motherboard box doesn’t have to be an inconvenient task. With proper planning, you can quickly select the right box, place your product, and deliver it to your customers safely. One of the best ways to do this is by working with professionals at CustomProductBoxes. We create the perfect packaging options for your business to delight your customers every time.

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