Which lavender is best for relaxation?

angustifolia’s overall smell, and because it is a key ingredient of the aroma of chamomile tea, which is one of the most popular herbs used for stress relief. Cultivation It is an annual plant that does well in full sun or part shade in fertile, well-drained soil.

The plant has a long flowering period from mid-spring to early autumn. The plant is cultivated commercially for its essential oil, which contains linalyl acetate as its main constituent.

It is also cultivated for its roots, which are harvested in RELAXATION LAVENDER the fall and winter months. History In ancient China, the herb was used for various ailments. A Chinese herbal medicine manual from the 2nd century AD lists chrysanthemum as one of the most valuable herbs.

During the Song Dynasty, it was commonly used to treat malaria. Chrysanthemum tea was a popular remedy for malaria in Europe during the 17th century. The herb’s use in China, Japan, and other Asian countries continues to this day.

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