5 Reasons Why Urgent Care Pap Smear Is Necessary

Health is wealth and should always come first; this includes your cervical health. Suppose you want to detect cervical cancer in your cervix; you should visit a gynecologist for regular checkups. Among the tests, you need to undergo pap smears. Regardless of age, you should get these tests as a woman since they help detect any uterine and cervical abnormalities early. After detection, they get to be treated quickly to prevent them from further advancement. Keep reading to learn more about why an urgent care pap smear near me is necessary.

What Are Pap Smears?

Pap smears are life-saving tools used by doctors when screening for cervical cancer. These tests catch precancerous cells before they become cancerous. You can rely on urgent care clinics for effective HPV tests during pap smears for an early detect virus that leads to cancer. Suppose the outcome from a pap smear turns out to be positive or unclear; it shows the presence of an infection, cancer, or another health issue. These tests might detect other ailments, such as inflammation or infections. The test can be conducted alongside pelvic exams. Particular types of HPV might also be identified using pap smears.

Why are Pap Smears Necessary?

The following are the top reasons why you need an urgent care pap smear near me.

1. Detects the Presence of HPV

During a pap smear, cervical cells are sent to the lab for analysis. The cells are screened for any unusual results and will detect the abnormalities that might indicate human papillomavirus presence. HPV is a huge risk factor in the development of cervical cancer. Human papillomavirus is a common ailment commonly contracted through sexual contact with someone infected. Your immune system might eliminate the virus, but in some cases, it can result in further complications such as genital warts or might cause cervical cancer. Therefore, if you are sexually active, you should have regular pap smear testing.

2. It Detects Issues Before They Become Severe

Pap smears help detect any changes happening at the cellular level, which is critical in detecting precancerous lesions before they develop into cancerous tissues. Cervical cancer in women is the main cause of death; therefore, early detection is the key to prevention.

3. Pap Smears Can Contribute to Your General Health

An urgent pap smear near my clinic can help detect any infections that might be present or developing, stopping issues before happening. Minor infections or diseases might be present without showing symptoms until they progress into a more severe health issue.

4. All Women of Any Age Can Benefit from a Pap Smear

Doctors recommend that women between the ages of 21 and 30 get pap smears done once every three years. Getting the right treatment from a gynecologist if any concerns are detected. If you are 30 to 65 years aged, you should be tested after every three to five years. Once a woman is over 65 years with a history of negative pap smear tests, they should stop getting pap smears.

5. Early Identification of Risk Factors and Measures Taken

Some risk factors are usually precancerous cells in your cervix, a cervical cancer history, or a weak immune system. Your gynecologist will get to advise you on how often you should get these tests done. Human papillomavirus is usually sexually transmitted. Also, If you have used the contraceptive pill for the longest time, you might as well be at risk. Smoking also increases your risk of getting cervical cancer.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly, taking an urgent care pap smear test near me is highly beneficial for any woman. This is because it helps women detect cervical cancer and understand what is happening in their cervix. The main reason for getting pap smears is that it allows you to know if any cancerous or precancerous cells in your cervix can cause cervical cancer. Suppose these cells are detected; your doctor will treat them before they become cancerous.

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