When Do We Need To Visit A Urologist?

The proper functioning of the body is directly proportional to the nutrients an individual ingests. We can only ingest more and ensure the proper functioning of the body if we can excrete ingredients. An excretory system performs the function of excretion. It consists of the kidneys, the urinary bladder, and the urethra. The building blocks of the excretory system are the Nephrons.

However, as an individual progresses with age, there may be problems with passing out urine, controlling sphincter muscles, kidney failure, and multiple problems that occur within the urinary tract.


“Unlike the reproductive system, the excretory system is the same for both males and females. However, the symptoms between the male and the female are different depending on their physical structure, as the organs for passing out urine are different, but more or less the symptoms have a commonality in between them. “explains one of the best urologists in Ludhiana.

The symptoms in men include

  1. Pain in the lower back area
  2. Bloody urine
  3. Too much urination
  4. Swelling in prostrate
  5. Erectile dysfunction.

The symptoms in women are

  1. Bloody urine
  2. The fiery sensation during urine
  3. Pain in the back or sides.

 A urologist will initially understand the symptoms and, through his expertise and knowledge, will try to curb the symptoms by giving proper medication. Still, if the symptoms continue to persist, then he will recommend a range of tests to understand the degree of damage done that has happened to the person’s excretory system.


  1. Urinary Difficulties: If a person is facing difficulties in passing urine and experiencing pain, they should go for a urological visit immediately.

2. UTI (Urinary Tract Infections ):

There are many reasons for incurring a Urinary Tract Infection. One of the major reasons for urinary tract infections is unhealthy sanitary conditions. Thus whenever people who incur UTI 

have a fiery sensation taking place in their urethra. The uncommon yet prominent symptoms of urinary tract infections are frequent falls, lethargy, confusion, fatigue, etc.


Urinary stone diseases occur due to the inability to pass out urine which can gradually lead to problems in filtration and thus make the body toxic. A urinary stone disease is characterised by black-coloured urine, blood in the urine or uninterrupted urine flow is one of the major symptoms of urinary tract infection.


Prostate problems refer to problems in the prostate gland, usually found in men. The major symptoms of the prostate problem in men are usually identified by blood in semen, painful urine, pain in ejaculation, burning sensation while urinating, and erectile dysfunction.

“People do not talk about prostate problems because they have been fed with the idea that expressing problems in prostate problems is unmanly. We have encountered several cases of prostate cancer where it could have been treated in the initial stages of appearance. Still, the patients refused to speak and express the problems aggravated with time.” Explained one of the best urologists in Punjab.

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