What Are The Major Causes Of Increasing Neural Disorders In The Past Few Years?

The body, as an instrument, is used to carry out deeds, both good and bad. Good and bad, both existence and validation are debatable and solely dependent on our choices. To make it simple, a choice followed by guilt is bad, and a choice that an individual is proud of is good. These feelings of good, and bad, making choices, etc., are governed and overseen by the Brain.

The Brain is the principal of this school, called the body. It governs the administration (the pumping of blood to various parts), the ancillary functions like gardening, cleaning, and maintenance (excretion, respiration ), the coordination of nerves and muscles for movement (which is the movement of teachers, students across the school campus), etc. Just the way the school functioning and discipline are affected by the absence of a principal similarly, any problems in the Brain can result in minor problems gradually paving the way to major problems in the human body.

Thus an effective central nervous system consisting of the Brain, the spinal cord and the nerves is important for the body’s overall functioning. But of late, there has been a surge in the rise of neurological disorders. The number of individuals affected by neurological disorders has risen from one out of ten to four out of ten in the last decade.

Let’s understand in detail the causes of the surge in neurological disorders.


  1. Reckless Driving and lack of Road safety – Reckless driving and lack of road safety are prime reasons for the increase in neurological disorders. “People often fail to understand that speed thrills but eventually kills. Many youngsters avoid wearing helmets, which is why they meet with accidents, and the brain is the first organ to be affected because of reckless driving,” explained a popular neurologist in Ludhiana
  2. Unhealthy Lifestyle choices – The functioning of the cerebellum is affected by the consumption of Alcohol. The cerebellum is the part of the body concerned with muscular coordination and balance. It is because of the consumption of Alcohol that the cerebellum is affected, and there is a lack of muscular coordination. 
  3. Stress – Stress and rampant changes in the lifestyle of people, all individuals at the same time hustling to get to the top of their field, is one of the major reasons for brain health damage because due to people having long work hours and late on searching for sources of recreation by staying awake late night is why the Brain is not able to get proper rest. When unable to get proper rest, the brain cannot function properly the next day. 
  4. Increasing population – The increase in population gradually leads to an increase in senior citizens. As we all know, there is a rapid generation of the Brain by 1% every year after 60, which is why older people start having problems like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 

An increase in population is something that is beyond our control. Still, we can be conscious about lifestyle choices, stress levels and, most importantly, cautious about road safety to keep our bodies and Brain in good condition.

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