5 Factors That Depend On Beard Transplant Cost

A beard transplant surgery is a specialized surgery to help restore hair growth in the beard or mustache area. Dr. Kahen of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, is a world-renowned hair restoration specialist, and his primary goal is to bring patients the best results in Los Angeles. The prominent people to benefit from this procedure are transgender male-to-female patients. The surgery is conducted based on your needs and preferences. This article highlights five factors that specify the cost of beard transplant cost los angeles. Before diving into the factors, let’s understand a beard transplant.

What is a Beard Transplant?

Patchy beards are common in men. With a facial hair transplant, you can quickly achieve the best results. A facial hair transplant surgery offers the best facial hair restoration solution for facial hair that is not evenly distributed to the jawline. The latest beard transplant process has surgeons to achieve a more natural appearance with easy practical steps. The surgeon can either enhance the existing beard or reconstruct a new one using facial hair restoration surgery. Hair grafts can be harvested from various body parts, such as the chest and pubic areas.

Factors That Depend on Facial Hair Transplant 

Facial hair transplant costs can go up to $15000 based on the number of hair grafts needed. Suppose you are getting partial hair transplants; you can pay between $3000 to $7000 based on the number of hair grafts implanted. You will have to discuss the actual costs with your hair transplant doctors. The beard transplant cost Los Angeles will depend on the following:

1. The Technique Used During the Procedure 

There are two primary hair restoration techniques: the FUE and FUT.

  • The FUE technique involves harvesting the hair follicles from the donor site (mainly the back of your scalp) with a small circular surgical tool.
  • On the other hand, FUT involves extracting a strip from the donor area of the scalp with a single horizontal incision. After covering the incision, hair follicles are extracted from the donor tissue to be transplanted into the beard area. The FUE technique is known to be a popular technique and leaves you with less noticeable scars and therefore costs more usually.

2. Surgeon’s Credentials and Expertise Level

A board-board-certified hair transplant surgeon with years of experience will charge you more for a beard restoration procedure. The outcome of the surgery is always evident and permanent. Therefore, ensure you go for a qualified provider.

3. Treatment Area Size 

The desired beard style and the current hair growth pattern significantly impact your beard hair’s cost. Some people have sparse areas only along their cheeks or sideburns. Therefore, they will require a few grafts to generate the fullness they need. Other sites might need more than 1000 hair grafts. Most surgeons mostly charge based on the graft, and each cost ranges from $2 to $12. During the initial consultation session, your surgeon will provide the estimated number of hair grafts needed to reach your goals, the cost of each hair graft, and the total cost of the procedure.

4. The Location 

Most metro locations in the US have higher costs of living that make everything expensive, including beard transplants. However, you should always consider experienced hair transplant surgeons in outlying areas or more affordable cities. Before the procedure, you will need a virtual or in-person consultation; these are the best ways to get a personalized treatment plan and price quote.

5. Follow-Up Procedure Cost 

A study indicates that patients who undergo large numbers of hair grafts for facial hair transplants can get a secondary procedure after a year if they need different densities. Therefore, ask your provider if they will charge a fee for any required touch-up treatment.


Beard transplants have become more prevalent in light of all these details. Beard transplant cost Los Angeles varies based on the factors mentioned above. Experienced providers for permanent results should conduct these procedures. The surgery is quite adequate, with a few genetic and accidental exceptions. Suppose you are considering getting a hair transplant surgery; research and consult qualified providers. For all questions regarding facial hair transplants, contact us.

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