10 Facts About IVF That You Must Know?

IVF 10 facts you need to know about IVF offered support to all the couples throughout the world who had been unsuccessful in having children up until this point. Additionally, there are still a lot of people out there who are ignorant of this revolutionary method or who are reluctant to consult an IVF Centre in Punjab.

Let’s look closely at the 10 facts regarding IVF that you need to know.

1. The issue of infertility is getting worse

In vitro fertilization is the most effective way to solve the problems associated with infertility in society (IVF). IVF provides assistance to people who have issues other than infertility. It helps both same-sex couples and single parents realize their ambitions of becoming parents.

2. A variety of IVF methods

Even if most people are still aware of the closest Common IVF treatments, there is surely more to it. Other IVF methods include Natural IVF and Mild IVF, which frequently only need the patient to be medicated for a couple of days as opposed to the 4-5 weeks needed for General IVF.

3. Price Restriction

Most consumers typically confuse the cycle costs with the total cost of the treatment. Scans, egg collection, embryology, and embryo transfer are examples of procedures that fall within the category of cycle costs. Therefore, you must carefully examine the costs that your IVF doctor or the center has offered before continuing with IVF.

4. The age factor

Age is a major determinant in IVF treatment success, and it affects both women and men equally. Women’s eggs become less healthy as they age, and this trend starts to become more common beyond the age of 35.

5. Rates of success

While we just talked about how age impacts IVF success rates, couples looking for the best IVF treatment shouldn’t be misled by all the fake promises made by IVF clinics that promise you a child no matter your age or other health conditions.

6. Multiple cycles are involved

As we all know, IVF is not a stand-alone treatment. To arrive at the desired outcome considered by the patient, there are several cycles and processes in between. It is always preferable for a couple to decide what course of treatment they need and prepare for it in advance.

7. Avoid believing the myth that “Frozen is bad”

While the majority of individuals believe that using frozen eggs or embryos won’t produce the desired outcomes. Recent research by medical professionals from around the world has proved that they are just as effective as fresh ones.

8. A Higher Chance of Multiple Pregnancies

Although the majority of individuals are unaware of it, there is a high likelihood of having multiple pregnancies. Multiple embryos may be implanted as a result of a high dosage of fertility medicines, increasing the likelihood of pregnancy.

9. Additional treatments and methods

A couple has a variety of extra therapies and procedures they can choose from in addition to IVF treatment. This will raise their chances of getting pregnant. Examples include the embryo scope. The PGS and ERA tests assist couples to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

10. Patience

You must have the patience to maintain the same pace while you look for a decent IVF therapy because the IVF treatment process will take longer than you had anticipated. The IVF cycle lasts for 4-5 weeks, and it might be prolonged if the desired outcome is not reached. This will make it easier for you to unwind and feel at peace while receiving therapy. This would ultimately increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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