Digital Printing Techniques that Revolutionize Retail Packaging

Today’s consumers are more discerning than ever before; they want to know everything about the products they purchase. Retailers need to make good packaging and graphics. They need to do this so they can be different from other stores. And customers will like them more. 

Digital printing techniques are becoming increasingly popular because they can produce high-quality designs at a cheaper cost. This allows for more customizations and flexibility when designing packaging for retail. 

  • Super high-resolution printing.  
  • Ability to print on any material.  
  • Large format printing that can be applied anywhere.  
  • Prints provide a personalized, hand-made feel that can’t be replicated with digital print.  
  • Prints are both durable and economical.  
  • The process allows for unlimited colors within the same packaging design.  
  • Environmentally conscious.  

A digital printer can do many things. You will need to change your mind about something, but the printer can print it. It doesn’t take up much space, so you can do more with it. 

Digital printing has helped improve the quality of custom retail packaging boxes. Now companies can print their own boxes and bags for their products to make them unique. Digital printing also makes it easier for new ideas to come to life while bringing in more customers with original designs. 

What is Digital Printing and How Does it Work?  

Digital printing is a form of inkjet printing that uses liquid ink (called ‘toner’) to create images on paper. Modern digital printers make use of sheets containing many thousands of precisely placed microscopic droplets of liquid ink. Which are applied to the paper in rapid succession to produce words and images composed of tiny dots. This method allows high-resolution prints with the greatest degree of color accuracy. Since there is no smudging or streaking, images can be made flawless and extremely precise. 

Digital Printing starts with electronic data called an image file. The most common file types for commercial digital printing include: Adobe Illustrator .ai files, Corel Draw .cdr files, Microsoft Word .doc files, Photoshop .psd files and Tagged Image File .tiff files. 

Some printings have a lot of names. They are called Offset, Direct Thermal Prints, Four Color Processes and Digital Prints. With Offset prints, you can use the same machines to print digitally. There is a screen that you need to put up before the image comes out on paper. 

The first step in digital imaging is scanning. A scanner takes the original artwork and turns it into a computer image that understands the difference between bitmap and vector images. The scanner captures light reflected off printed or illustrated material, storing it as a grayscale picture called a raster image because all details are described by shades of gray. 

Benefits of Digital Printing for Retailers.   

  • Lower costs and faster turnaround times to print, ship and display products. 
  • No need for costly safety stock to meet unexpected demand. 
  • An integrated supply chain can be managed centrally from one location. 
  • Ability to produce custom boxes for every retail store with full-color images and store name. 

Vector files are made up of mathematical equations that describe the lines, shapes, and curves. These can be printed as large as the paper size permits; this is better than raster images because they are made up of many dots. 

Marketing Strategies for Successful Packaging Designs.  

A retailer’s logo often includes a slogan or catchphrases, either on the product itself or in its advertisements. The packaging design may contribute to the success of these marketing strategies by echoing their messages through typefaces and graphics. 

Recurring patterns are an important element in most packaging designs for consumer products like food, beverage, confectionary and household cleaning products. These patterns can be made with textured materials such as sand. This could make the package prettier. 

Or you could use die cuts to show pieces of the package that look like other things, like logos or promotional materials. Creative use of light can make people notice your store. You can do this by using translucent plastic material or shiny metal. 

How can I use digital printing to revolutionize my retail packaging?  

You can use your packaging to attract more customers instead of just using it for its original purpose of protecting products. You could do this with features like snapping mechanisms, die-cut shapes and graphics. These are popular because they make the package look more attractive than it would without them. 

How can I use direct mail to get my retail packages noticed? 

One way is by including a catalog inside the package so people will see food images while you sell them something else. This can be done by putting a booklet in the box holding the product, saying things like, “To see other food items we have available, flip ahead.” 

Use printed address labels when sending out your packages rather than handwritten ones. They add professionalism to your company image and might even be safer for your product since they can help prevent packages from becoming lost. 

Just like with most marketing campaigns, the color of your package is important. You want your package to be different from the other packages on the shelf. Putting a bright or dark-colored envelope can make this happen. This will also make your company seem more trustworthy. People are less likely to steal something that stands out on its own so much. 

Lastly, try writing a catchy subject line for your email. It should say something interesting about why someone should open the email. If you have an especially funny or witty staff member, this could be their job every time they send out new emails about products they have put together! 

Types of digital printers for different needs.  

If you are surprised by how much digital printers cost, be sure to find out if they are buy-worthy for your needs. You might find that the price of the printer is worth it if it saves you money on ink. Printers with higher resolution can save you time because they print faster. However, make sure your computer has a high enough graphics card to support the quality. You can get the best custom boxes using custom printing

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The benefits of using a printer that has an in-line UV curing system.  

The process is completed in under 10 seconds, allowing for more jobs to be printed. It also gives the job a smooth finish by removing minor flaws. 

“This is where I tell people about something they need or want.” 

All of these printers are good products, so you should carefully consider which products fit your needs best. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to choose one that makes sense for your business needs. 

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