The popularized genre was influenced through Miami Vice and many cops-and-robbers films from the 1970s and 1980s Shoulder holsters may seem to be a great idea, but they’re not widely used for carry-on carry in the modern day. They can be cumbersome to utilize and uncomfortable, require the wearing in conjunction with a jacket, or other cover-up, are difficult to draw from or reholster, and are quite expensive. It’s certainly possible to try one but we’re betting these disadvantages will deter the use of this kind of CCW rig the primary one. One of the most popular examples of shoulder rigs is called the Galco Miami Classic.


Pocket holsters are designed to be carried shoulder holster 1911 in the pocket. Many people are unsure what the reason is for having the holster of a gun that is carried in your pocket, but there are many crucial motives. First, it’s safer carry a loaded gun with its trigger protected with a holster that is secure. Additionally, the holster will help keep debris and lint from your gun’s action. The holster is able to aid in breaking up the silhouette of the gun inside your pocket for better concealment. Fourthly, the holster could assist in keeping your gun placed in your pocket to ensure more efficient and secure draw. Pocket holsters are constructed of virtually any material like nylon, leather, kydex or other synthetics. Good pocket holsters come with “hooks” integrated into the design, which keep the holster in your pocket while you draw. Some are made with “grippy” material on the outside of the holster to keep the holster within your pocket, too. Veldder’s pocket Locker is an excellent example of a Kydex pocket Holster.


This class of unusual CCW holsters can be quite broad and is filled with absurdities and ideas and some efficient and useful holsters. In essence, what we call “deep concealment” holsters include items such as ankle holsters or belly bands bra-holsters (yep it’s something that exists), fanny pack the holsters as well as hidden carrying vests or jackets equipped with specially-designed pouches, snapped or velcro, specifically designed to conceal firearms. It is not always easy to be leather shoulder holster 1911 made when making the decision to carry these types of holsters and concealent, however they could be suitable for you in certain circumstances. BravoBelt offers a variety of “belly band” holsters.

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