Save an Outlook Email Into a PDF for Desktop and Mobile Use

Microsoft Outlook remains the industry standard for corporations and organizations. When you receive critical emails in Outlook, you may need to save them as a PDF so that you can simply share them on communication applications. While Outlook does not have a ‘Save to PDF’ option, you can save an email as a PDF on the desktop and mobile by using the print feature.

How to Convert Outlook Email to PDF is a frequently asked question among Outlook users. Microsoft Outlook users frequently need to preserve email communications in PDF format. However, many are unaware of the options available for converting emails from Outlook data files to PDF. This article will list some of the most popular methods for converting Outlook email messages to PDF file format to assist them.

It is not only desktop applications that can save an Outlook email as a PDF. You can accomplish the same thing with Outlook for Android. We will begin with Outlook desktop and go to mobile devices.

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Why Should You Convert Outlook Emails to PDF?

It is sometimes possible to convert files to a more usable format. This is true of email, which can be converted to PDF format. A PDF file can be placed in a typical document folder alongside Word, Excel, and other documents and shared with and viewed by others regardless of the application they use. PDF files can also be password and permissions protected.

Using a Professional Tool, Convert Outlook Email to PDF File

When all of the above-mentioned manual techniques fail, you can choose a professional solution for trouble-free conversion. You can use Outlook to PDF Converter software. This software can save an email, including attachments, into a PDF in Outlook.

It is a dependable and portable tool that converts PST emails to PDF as well as repairs and recovers any corruption in the PST file. You don’t have to worry about the lengthy and complex methods required to save emails as PDF in Outlook when you use this utility.

The Top 3 Ways to Convert Outlook Email to PDF

Here are the best methods for saving emails in Portable Document Format on any Windows OS-based computer:

Method 1: Convert Outlook Attachments to PDF

The Softaken Outlook to PDF Converter Software is the most trusted method for converting Outlook email messages to PDF. This application was created using powerful technologies to quickly convert a large number of emails from numerous PST files, including attachments. Download the software and follow these instructions to convert Outlook to PDF:

  • After downloading, launch the software.
  • To add PST files, click the Add File button (no Outlook installation needed).
  • After including the Outlook data file, see the preview of all the emails saved in it.
  • On the next screen, select PDF.
  • Select Advanced Parameters to apply extra PDF file settings.
  • Choose a location to save the PDF files.
  • Select the Export option to export Outlook emails with attachments to PDF.

Method 2: Use the Print Option to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF.

If you do not want to utilize the premium tool and only have a few emails to convert, you can use this manual conversion option. This approach can be used as follows:

  • Launch MS Outlook on your computer (any version). b. Double-click any Outlook email to open it.
  • From the File menu, select the Print option.
  • Select Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer drop-down menu.
  • Select Print Option and give the file a name.
  • Select the Save option to save the emails into a PDF file.

Method 3: Use Outlook Options to Convert Email to PDF

If you want to utilize the manual method in a Windows system older than Windows 10, you must use a special guide to convert Outlook emails to PDF. Here’s the one for Windows 8.1 and later users:

  • Launch MS Outlook and navigate to the email message you want to export.
  • Navigate to the File tab and select the Save As option.
  • The Save As dialogue box will be displayed. Select the location where you wish to save the produced file.
  • Give the file a name and select HTML as the file type.
  • To save the emails in HTML format, click the Save button.
  • Right-click just on the HTML file and select open with MS Word.
  • To export numerous Outlook emails to PDF, go to File > Save As and pick PDF.

When Should You Use an Outlook to PDF Converter?

Because we’ve discussed three techniques for converting Outlook emails to PDF, you might be puzzled about which one to use. When users are in the following conditions, they must use the automated tool:

  • Convert PST emails with attachments to PDF.
  • Export Outlook emails in bulk to PDF
  • Print Outlook messages without the header
  • Open Outlook emails outside of Outlook

Free Windows Software for Document Conversion, Viewing, and Merging.

  • On your Windows PC, you may easily convert, view, and merge an endless number of files.
  • Process Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and over 100 more file types.
  • There is no file size limit.
  • Converting many files at once.
  • Conversion, Viewer, Merger, Parser, Comparison, and Signature are all included in one application.
  • On a monthly basis, new features are released as part of the regular FREE updates.


Whatever the cause for your desire to convert Outlook email to PDF, this blog will undoubtedly be useful. We’ve gone over the best ways to export emails from Outlook to PDF in this article. However, use the strategy that best suits your situation and needs to get the task done quickly.


❓What is the best way to convert OUTLOOK?

To begin, add a file for conversion by dragging and dropping your OUTLOOK file or clicking inside the white box to select a file. Then select the & Convert option. You can download your PDF file after the OUTLOOK to PDF conversion is complete.

⏱ How much time does it take to convert OUTLOOK?

This converter is quick. In a matter of seconds, you may convert OUTLOOK to PDF.

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