How Soap Making Business Work in the Industry

This year could be the year that marks the 10th anniversary of in the manufacturing process of the Bend Soap Company, but it also marks the tenth decade of the founder of the Business company, Dwight Johnson. Actually, our achievement is mostly due to the lessons learned by Dwight’s extensive experience in the industry that go back to the time of his early childhood.

Dwight was raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. The fifth child of an eight-member family that homeschooled He would frequently finish his schoolwork and then rush to clean up the lofts of Goat milk soap pigeons for his neighbour before heading to work later in the day alongside his dad, Burnell working in the family’s business. The opportunity to be a hard worker and earning some money to spend (and making savings!) money was a present to the young man, who already owned the horse he wanted to feed, and look after himself.

Method that reduced unnecessary stress and friction

The family-owned business is Ceramic Decorating Company, originally created in 1934 by the company’s father and brother in the midst of Great Depression. Then three of their sons (including Burnell) bought the business. Together, they focused on providing decorative glass bottles for food, cosmetics and wine industries throughout the United States.

Dwight enjoyed the afternoons spent at Ceramic and was able to learn a lot while watching his father run the business. It was at Ceramic that he developed a solid character – writing labels on the bottles, and loading the ovens and discovered his love of processes and efficiency. He was a fan of taking any process that wasn’t performing well and then transforming it into a Goat milk products method that reduced unnecessary stress and friction. Watching a product enter in the warehouse, go through a smooth operation with zero waste, later be delivered as a top-quality, polished product, was his greatest aspiration.

Crisis Turned Opportunity

A few years later after the company experienced significant market changes and lost several significant businesses, Dwight was at the appropriate age and ideal position to step in and lead the company and ultimately help the company get back on its feet. It was an experience no college education could have prepared for and that’s what inspired Dwight to one day start his own manufacturing business. He didn’t know what products he could manufacture however, he kept his eyes open. “Soap” was obviously far from his thoughts.

When Dwight began the Bend Soap Company some 15plus years later, he was fortunate to have the most experienced mentors in his brother and father, Chad, who had also joined the family business and was managing the business. His father was on hand to assist in the logistics of location in the beginning of Bend Soap, allowing Dwight to keep the goat herd as well as the soap business on his land. Burnell Sr. also helped with loans periodically and was always there to offer valuable advice with more than 60 years of experience in serving customers effectively and earning their loyalty as well as business. Chad’s advice (as an expert coach for multi-millionaires) providing positive mental shifts as well as practical areas to concentrate on, as well as long-term planning strategies, was also extremely helpful.

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