How to enjoy best look with your toupee

The hair replacement system allows you to continue enjoying a handsome appearance even after losing a significant volume of hair. However, you should be ready to invest a good amount of time and care to ensure that your hair replacement system should last long and keep looking great. In this blog, we are going to mention some of the selected tips that will keep your hair pieces for men safe and also increase its durability.

What types of toupees are available in the market?

Before we start let us know the 2 major types of toupees in the market. Broadly speaking there are two major type so toupees- synthetic toupees and human hair toupees. As the name suggest eh human hair toupees are made with real human hair and thus they not only look natural but feel natural too. Moreover you get the better flexibility with the real hair toupee. However a higher price tag is attached to such toupees. Synthetic toupees, on the other hand are made with the synthetic hair strands. They are much cheaper than the human hair toupees.

Wash your toupee periodically

It is very important to keep on washing your mens toupee on a frequent basis depending upon how often it gets dirty. Weather conditions, pollution, and other factors collectively contribute to making your mens toupee untidy every time you go out wearing the hair pieces for men. Even if you are just partying or relaxing at your home the perspiration can make your toupee dirty and unhygienic. So the best tip is to check your toupee thoroughly before wearing it and instantly wash it if it is dirty.

Detangle your mens toupee to enjoy a smooth and silky appeal

Human hair toupees can easily get tangled and you would need to detangle it following the right method. The best and safest way to detangle your human hair pieces for men is to carefully apply the shampoo, lathering it evenly and then gently but thoroughly rinsing the hair. Ensure that the water should flow in the same direction so that your toupee doesn’t get tangled again. Then directly dry with a towel and keep it for air dry.

Apply conditioner to offer your mens toupee a voluminous look

Frequent conditioning  toupee makes sure that it should keep looking silky, shiny and voluminous. For that, you can follow the above-mentioned steps for shampooing the toupee and after that directly apply an ideal conditioner to the hair. Avoid using any regular hair conditioner but buy specific conditioners that are suitable for your toupee. It is better to apply it along with the longer parts as well as the ends. Applying much conditioner near the roots can give a very flat look to your toupee- something that you won’t like. Once you apply the conditioner allow around 3 minutes to the toupee and then wash it with the cool water. Repeat the washing process and then dry it gently but thoroughly with a towel. Following this schedule will guarantee that your toupee is cleaned well.

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