Essential Oils for Panic Attack

An emotion of nervousness, turmoil, and an unpleasant state of inner feeling is something that stimulates panic attacks. During panic attacks, your heart rate increases, and you notice shortness of breath. A better solution to it besides medication is essential oils. These oils can help relieve the symptoms and calm your mind naturally. Inhalation of essential oils is proven to reduce anxiety because these oils are made from leaves, herbs, plants, and flowers, which are all-natural. You can also spray hydrosols which are floral waters and inhale in the aroma. Order tea tree hydrosol online but ensure it is pure and of good quality. The brain’s limbic system is stimulated, releasing serotonin that makes you feel relaxed. Anxiety and panic attacks are common problems for teens. They should keep at least one Essential Oil that can help them to come to their mind and relieve them from the feeling of fear and nervousness. Essential Oils can help you to get rid of anxiety and irritability easily. 


An excellent way to use essential Oil for anxiety and panic attacks is by inhaling the aroma of the oils. You can also diffuse it in your room where you work or rest with a spray bottle which will act as a mist or diffusers. Always use high-quality oils if you’re considering purchasing them. Also, seek organic oils that are pure and have no additives. 



This Oil has medicinal advantages, both physical and mental. Common uses for lavender essential Oil include relaxation and stress reduction. The smell has soothing effects and helps in boosting mood, and reduces feelings of anxiety. It is often used for headaches. Use it for a calming effect at any time but mostly at night for peaceful sleep.


The fresh and citrus smell of lemon help in lessening fatigue, sluggishness, and sadness; it boosts mood, relieves stress, and increases focus. Applying this Oil straight to your skin in its concentrated state might cause skin burns; always dilute it with a carrier oil. To use it for anxiety, you can diffuse it, or you can take a shower by mixing some drops in your bath water.


It has a unique, refreshing scent that can help make you feel energized. It also stabilizes your emotions like nervousness and calms your breath with its powerful smell. Use it on your neck by mixing it with some carrier oil like argan oil, or you can diffuse it with the help of a diffuser. You can buy argan oil in India online but ensure that it is pure and of premium quality.


Chamomile oil will caress your mental state with its natural antioxidant. It is an alternative treatment for sleeplessness and anxiety and helps you concentrate with a peaceful mind. Chamomile oil provides total relaxation of the mind by including terpenoids and flavonoids. Use it in your bath water by mixing some drops with coconut oil; you will feel better.


Anxiety is a common problem that everyone suffers from. Besides the medication, you can use essential oils that slowly and steadily relieve you from all the symptoms of panic attacks. Use essential oils below or on your neck to relieve your anxiety and sleep peacefully. The right mixture  of oils can act wonderfully for your anxiety or panic attacks. The essential oils described in this article can help you, so pick the one you believe will help, and make sure to get it from a reputable retailer. If you don’t get any relief from Essential Oil, you should contact your doctor for better suggestions and treatment.

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