Promote Your Business More Sustainably with These Trendy Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Due to increasing global warming and climate change, everyone needs to play a part in taking care of our planet and going green so to speak. A major focus in achieving this goal is educating the public on how and which large companies are operating in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

For this reason, making a switch to eco-friendly promotional products sends the right messaging to your market whilst also ensuring environmental considerations are being made. This way you get to increase your brand awareness whilst doing your part in making the world a better place for the future. Here’s a list of trendy promotional products which are both chic as well as eco-friendly.


Surprised to see notebooks on the list? To be fair, your average notebook is not that eco-friendly because of the trees that have to be cut down in order to make paper. But what if the pages were to be made out of stone? That is pretty eco-friendly and the best part is they can be used in extreme conditions as they are repel water, grease, and bacteria.

Products Made Out Of RPET

RPET is the short term for recycled polyethylene terephthalate. It is made from recycled PET which is derived from plastic bottles and other food packaging. It is a very versatile material and can be used to make different varieties of promotional products. For instance, RPET shirts, hoodies, gloves, tote bags, umbrellas, notebooks, pens, picnic blankets and many other items. There are endless possibilities on how you can use rPET material and it actually omits less greenhouse gasses to produce than the virgin plastic in which it is recycled from.

Tumblers With Metal Straws

A tumbler is one of the trendiest products that you can use for promotion purposes. If you think about it, everyone loves a tumbler. However, most of them are made out of materials like plastic which are very harmful to the environment. You can put your own twist to make the tumbler more sustainable by making it out of glass instead. You can even replace the plastic straw with a metal one. Re-using an item like this means less waste ending up in the rubbish and ultimately landfill.

Cotton/Paper Carry Bags

Plastic bags are one of the leading causes of environmental degradation. That is why your consumers will definitely appreciate an environmental-friendly carry bag as a promotional product. It is a great strategy to promote your business as well. People carry their bags with them everywhere so your company’s name or brand will be on display everywhere they go!

Bamboo Pens

Pens are immaculate when it comes to using them as promotional products. However, bamboo pens are even better. They are eco-friendly to produce as bamboo is a natural material a fast-growing plant. It requires less demands on natural resources and you end up with a material that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Bamboo pens also are well received rather than another standard plastic one. It really makes one feel like they are helping at every level to help reduce non eco friendly items.

Recycle Corks into Something Creative

Corks and other items which seem wasteful can actually make some pretty great promotional products. The top favourites are cork coasters, keychains, etc. It can really help to show the sustainable and creative side of your company.

This planet is our home and everyone should chip in to make small changes in their lifestyle to turn it into a better home. Every action matters! New age promotions is the best company out there helping to make significant changes. Visit their website now to make your own business sustainable with their wide range of eco-friendly promotional products.

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