Ricoma MT-1501-TC Single-head embroidery Machine

For a wide range of business weaving work, including covers, pants, towels and completed pieces of clothing, the Ricoma RCM 1501 TC is the ideal and top of the line single head weaving machine.

This machine accompanies nearly all that you’ll need to get everything rolling, making it ideal for both new and existing weaving stores. It’s likewise fine for retail location applications by zdigitizng shop.

zdigitizng shop

Ricoma MT-1501-TC Single-head weaving Machine
You can change from single-head to multi-head weaving as your organization grows by connecting a few RCM-1501TC-7Ss together. This offers the adaptability to create huge task parcels in Multi-head mode while additionally being able to separate single machines for little ventures.

Ricoma MT-1501 Single Head Weaving Machine
Detail Of Ricoma MT-1501 Single Head Weaving Machine
The Ricoma MT-1501-Tc single head machine has Multi language accessible: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, and that’s just the beginning.

1 head with a 7-inch variety LCD with a touch screen choice
Greatest speed of the Ricoma 1501-TC machine is 1200 RPM.
Acknowledgment of string breaks
There is an underlying light noticeable.
A region estimating 22×14 inches
550 x 350 mm (22 inches x 14 inches) is the greatest weaving region.
Low weight: 90 kilograms (200 pounds). It’s lightweight and fast to pass.
Variety switches consequently.
Peruses a scope of point of interaction designs, including DST, DSB, and others.
For a superior view, a multi-point rotational and flexible control board section is incorporated in Embroidery Digitizing Services.

Embroidery Digitizing Services

Hardware incorporates:

An underlying Drove light blazes before the needles.
1 (introduced) position marker;
1 wooden plate, 1 metal stand with wheels
1 bobbin winder outwardly;
Weaving styles around 1730
There are a sum of 12 loops (Sizes: 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 290 x 290, 540 x 360mm)
Ricoma MT-1501-Tc single head machine has a few highlights that are depicted as follows:

15 needles that can be utilized for level bed weaving, cap/cap weaving, completed dress weaving, from there, the sky is the limit.
Reasonable for both homegrown and modern weaving.
String trimmer that consequently manages the strings.
Cap gadget with a 270-degree high point.
USB input, sequential port transmission, or remote transmission from a PC.
Wi-Fi permitted and networkable.
Acknowledgment of string breaks
Equipped for pre-sewing the layout follow.
Memory support that is programmed.
Servo engine 150W takes minimal measure of energy industically.
Inherent widespread power supply, self-versatile to 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz all over the planet.
Low-commotion, low-vibration DC36V miniature step engine for X and Y pivot driving.
Low weight: 90 kilograms (200 pounds). It’s lightweight and speedy to pass.
Soundness and portability are guaranteed by a rock solid steel stand with wheels.
Eco-accommodating bundling is an unquestionable necessity
A laser follow framework is accessible as a choice in vector art services.

Vector art services

Stop on account of a crisis.
Simple to utilize programming
The new customizable touch screen makes activity with the right-hand thumb straightforward and helpful.
For speedy transportation, the unit withdraws from the stand.
You presumably wouldn’t have the option to weave as fast and effectively as you would like.
Engine can overheat if over utilized.
Ricoma MT-1501-TC single head weaving machines are reasonable for those that need to make various examples and plans on different articles of clothing. The benefits of a solitary head weaving machine incorporate conveyability, usability, and the way that they don’t take up a lot of extra room. They are solid and independent. Utilized Ricoma 1501-TC single head weaving machines are harmless to the ecosystem gadgets that utilization very little energy, bringing about lower bills.

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