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Pain. Arthritis. Tennis Elbow. Hair Loss. Injuries from pickleball. What are the consequences of injuries sustained in pickleball? The world is expanding quickly and new illnesses, health concerns and wear and tear arriving at our ever-growing and advancing population at a rapid speed. Innovative technologies in the field of healing are being developed through the private industry, which eliminates the need for costly and potentially risky procedures. A company called Miami located Vitruvia is at the forefront of this revolution and is bringing revolutionary technology for treating the interstitium to aid in the best recovery, Allow Links Provide the Health News and Heal Articles.

Here’s a conversation with Vitruvia co-founder , co-founder with serial entrepreneurs Christian Seale on how Vitruvia will improve the quality of your life.

What Is The Future Of Health Tech?

The technological advancements we have made are amazing. Digitalization, artificial intelligence advancements in imaging and diagnostics will lead to us being able to handle most of our health care needs from our homes at home, at working at work, or nearly everywhere.

Why Are Health Solutions So Expensive?

A study conducted in 2019 from JAMA in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) found that approximately 20% of 4 trillion dollars spent on healthcare across the US could be described as wasted.

Our current system is prone to structural problems and backwards incentives which lead to the waste of resources, a high percentage of medical errors, and a focus on treatment over. prevention.

In 2009, I spent 24 hours in the hospital of Barranquilla, Colombia which cost me less than $100 . the next year I was admitted to an emergency Room at New York for a dislocated pinky and was issued an estimate of $17,300.

I believe that most people are well-intentioned and opt for medical careers to aid others. I am believe that with the right incentives, an increase in digitization and the increasing use of consumer-owned healthcare, we’ll achieve a more equitable and efficient healthcare system.

What Does Vitruvia Do To Offer An Alternative?

Our team of top medical, biomechanical and athletic experts, creates a customized approach to each client. We seek out the root cause of the issue vs. dealing with the symptoms. We don’t cover up symptoms by taking steroids, medications, or perform any unnecessary surgery.

We help our clients restore their health and well-being so that they can return to activities that make them smile such as playing golf, dance or just bring their children or grandkids in peace.

What Are The Technologies Or Game Changers You Are Offering?

Vitruvia is a pioneering strategy to restore our clients’ living quality called RELIEF(r)

Injuries, surgeries repeated movements improper posture or the aging process can cause tissue to become swollen, scarred and damaged. Nerves can become trapped and entrapped. This can result in the feeling of pain, mobility issues and loss of strength and flexibility.

RELIEF(r) restores the damaged and damaged tissue , and also releases the entrapped nerves of the area surrounding it to lessen discomfort and improve mobility. RELIEF(r) has been utilized by many of the world’s most successful performers as well as executives and athletes.

Why Are You So Passionate About This Space?

I was truly fortunate to discover my goal to improve the way people live their lives and health.

After three separate and unavoidable incidents, I decided to make it my mission to make it. First my grandmother passed away from cancer of the ovary, despite her asking to have diagnostic exams for over two years. Then, my father went blind with his left eye due to an error in transcription sent him home, without taking care of an infection that resulted from cataract surgery. Thirdly, I received the sum of $17,300 for splinting the dislocated finger in the NYC ER after paying less than $100 for a 24 hour stay in the Colombian hospital that helped me back from having a fever that was over 100degF caused by two parasites.

Prior to Vitruvia I was a part of Vitruvia, I invested my time in entrepreneurs who were transforming life and health. I’m grateful for having invested in over 30 healthtech companies and also to have had the pleasure of meeting my partner in the founding and dear friend at Vitruvia throughout the process.

How Many Locations Does Vitruvia Have And What’s Next?

Vitruvia currently has doctors seeing patients who are in Miami, LA, NYC and plans to expand into other cities over the next years.

The Idea Is Coming Out Of Miami – Why Miami?

When I first started investing in 2015 I was able to see that Miami was an incredible location to develop and test health-related products and services that could be the basis of how will be the United States will look like in 2050. As with play-doh, Miami is continually getting molded, and the new tech-savvy entrepreneurs have a fantastic opportunity to create a new world-class city that can learn from the mistakes made by traditional tech hubs. Innovative housing solutions for affordable homes as well as sea level rise, the digital divide, and health inequity provide an industry in tech with a myriad of opportunities to develop solutions for the modern-day challenges of urban living means for all.

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