What Can You Do With Your Psychology Degree in the UK?

The fourth most popular subject overall in the UK and one of the degree levels with the highest growth in psychology. Despite being an interesting and quickly developing topic of study, you must know a career is waiting for you once you graduate.

There are more opportunities to study and work in psychology thanks to its expanding applications.

Applied psychologists are frequently used in the fields of education, health, social services, law, and business. Additionally, the government is spending more money to expand access to psychological treatments.

As a result, there are more options for careers in psychology. And many don’t fit the stereotypes you might have about it.

It’s a good idea to think about similar careers now that psychology is becoming more prevalent in new fields. Learn more about the various jobs you can pursue as well as the reasons why we study the mind.

Why Psychology Is Important

To better grasp the enigmatic idea of the human condition, psychology investigates the mind. Looking at emotions, memories, experiences, anxieties, and aspirations, enables us to understand how people think and what drives their behaviour.

We can better understand a variety of psychological behaviours, problems, and illnesses and how to treat them by using this research against a social framework.

We can better grasp how people’s perceptions of “reality” vary by studying psychology. This offers an understanding of how human behaviour affects social interaction, communication, emotions, and decision-making. We can then determine whether traits are inherent or developed as a result of experiences and outside influences.

Describing, explaining, predicting, and influencing other people’s behaviour and thought processes are psychology’s four basic objectives. Psychologists may be able to change and affect our behaviour by understanding why we act the way we do.

Since it emerged as a separate discipline of study, psychology has been divided into numerous subfields. There are now at least 56 officially recognised divisions. helping with anything from behaviour assessment and measurement to using psychological expertise to enhance procedures, product sales, and systems.

Integrate your interests with your career

Many professions, including social work, the media, and business, use psychology. However, there are a few expanding fields where personal interests and psychiatric practice are combined. enabling you to combine your hobbies and psychology in your profession.

Art Therapist

As an art therapist, you may help patients deal with psychological distress and enhance their emotional well-being by using expression and creativity. Your customers can communicate their emotions, explore different facets of their personalities, and reduce stress through creating art. People who have chronic or severe stress, disability, brain injuries, or trauma can benefit from art therapy.

Music Therapist

Similar to other therapists, musicians utilise music to assist their patients in overcoming social, emotional, or physical challenges. Through musical responses, they evaluate a client’s emotional stability, physical health, communication skills, and social functioning. They will encourage songwriting, lyric discussion, and other musically related activities that let clients express themselves and open up. You will work with kids and adults of all ages and social backgrounds as a music therapist. This could happen one-on-one, in a group, or a variety of clinical settings. assisting them in overcoming their difficulties, infirmities, and illnesses.

Aviation Psychologist

If you enjoy flying, you might work in the field of aviation psychology. This industry works to improve technology’s performance, safety, and sensitivity to human skills. You’ll research pilots, air traffic controllers, and other members of the flight crew to evaluate cabin safety and look into aviation mishaps. Your expertise will be useful in the construction of flight decks, and you can conduct psychological tests on the aircrew and offer support. Crew members are also trained by aviation psychologists to help passengers who are experiencing flight anxiety.

Forensic or Criminal Psychologist

a growingly well-liked employment field as a result of how they are portrayed in movies, TV series, and literature. To comprehend the criminal justice system, forensic and criminal psychologists use psychological research and applications in criminal investigation and law. They might be choosing juries, providing mental health examinations, or analysing criminals’ motivations to create psychological profiles. Both of these roles have a variety of responsibilities that contribute to society’s safety.

Academic Writer

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However, as BAW (2021) said in today’s competitive environment, students face numerous academic difficulties that occasionally obstruct their path to success. Academic support services provide students with full support to overcome these obstacles and help them achieve their academic and long-term objectives. So, providing a psychology dissertation help fresh graduates or undergraduate psychology students are not just helping others but also earn enough to take care of their needs.

Psychologist for athletes

It is your duty as a sports psychologist to inspire and enhance the performance of coaches and athletes in general, not only the top athletes.

You can be recovering from an injury one day and getting ready for an event the next.

Along with abilities like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, patience, listening, and research, you also need a grasp of psychology and sports, a passion for excellence, and these other factors.

Animal Behaviourist

Animal behaviour problems are identified and handled by an animal behaviourist. Once a behavioural issue is determined not to be related to an ailment, veterinarians frequently pass along client information to them. They typically assist pet owners with issues including aggression, phobias, excessive barking, destructiveness, or self-mutilation. maintaining thorough patient records, watching and handling animals, determining reasons, and developing programmes for behaviour adjustment.

Salaries, Work Satisfaction, And Career Prospects

The job market for graduates is still promising because there is a significant increase in demand for psychologists across a wide range of psychology specialities (Laura T, 2022).

Employers outside of professions that are directly related to psychology, however, value graduates’ scientific background, statistical expertise, and critical thinking abilities. As a result, you’ll discover that there are prospects in numerous industries.

Depending on your area of expertise and working style, psychology occupations might also offer relatively high salaries. Average starting salaries for psychologists are £27,918, and salaries for psychologists with five to ten years of experience can reach £46,000. With more responsibilities and experience, this rises significantly. Additionally, if you decide to work as a consultant, your annual salary could exceed £100,000 each year.

Aside from having a bright future, research has revealed that the majority of psychologists are content with their careers. implying that working in this sector is likewise enjoyable.


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