5 considerations for starting a t-shirt business

Although the tools and technology obtainable for coming up with, printing, and shipping custom t-shirts makes initiating comparatively straightforward, the tough half is building a complete to face out from the competition. mix competition with slim profit margins and building a web T-shirt company becomes a bit more durable than it’d initial seem by how to start screen printing business.

If you wish to style and sell t-shirts on-line, you’ve got to create the correct choices from the kickoff.

There area unit many vital parts concerned in beginning a fortunate on-line shirt commerce business. every of those parts has to be thought of closely before moving forward:

T-shirt printing techniques. There area unit many alternative ways in which to print styles on a T-shirt. selecting the correct one will assist you save cash and build smarter business choices. 

Design. the bulk of individuals getting graphic tees area unit searching for styles, graphics, and slogans that connect with them and mirror their opinions and temperament.

Quality. the standard of the shirts you utilize and of the print job ought to be high notch to create a property business.

Brand, A strong, attention-grabbing complete is important within the T-shirt trade by zdigitizing custom embroidery digitizing.

Inventory, can you manage your own inventory to require advantage of volume discounts or use a print-on-demand service to save lots of time and energy.

Let’s take a deeper explore all.

1. T-shirt printing techniques

There area unit 3 widespread strategies for printing once it involves a way to build a web T-shirt business. every technique has its execs and cons and deciding that one to use can partly depend upon what quantity time you wish to speculate within the product creation and that printing partner you decide on.

Below, we’ve got printed all 3 T-shirt printing choices, to convey you a much better understanding of every method. whether or not you invest in your own printer or use a neighborhood provider, it’s price knowing however every printing technique works by Vector art service.

Screen printing

Screen printing for T-shirt company

Photo courtesy of: Printful

Screen printing is associate previous technique that has stood the check of your time for business homeowners UN agency style and sell t-shirts on-line and in-store. 

However, a effortful initial setup suggests that screen printing is most efficient once printing in bulk. Screen printing conjointly poses problems once it involves advanced styles or styles with over four to 5 colours, as every color will increase prices and production time.


Cost effective for big batches

Volume discounts


Not value effective for multiple colours

Can solely print straightforward pictures and styles

Heat transfer

Heat transfer screen printing example

Photo courtesy of: Transfer categorical

Heat transfers have conjointly been around for a protracted time and exist in many forms. you’ll have seen basic heat-transfer paper at your native workplace provide store.

Although this technique makes it straightforward to print styles from your electronic computer associated transfer them with an iron, it won’t cut it once it involves running atiny low business. The a lot of advanced variety of heat transfers area unit referred to as “plastisol transfers” and area unit written by skilled printers on special, high-quality heat-transfer paper. 

The advantage of warmth transfers is that the ability to order a stack of prints from your native printer and transfer them to your t-shirts with a poster heat press machine as you receive orders.

Heat transfers will turn out full-color pictures onto t-shirts comparatively simply and quickly.


You can “print” every shirt on demand

More affordable for little batches

No limit in variety of colours you’ll use in a very print


Lower quality and fewer sturdy than direct-to-garment and screen printing

Large direct investment in a very heat press machine (from a number of hundred bucks to a number of thousand)

The homemade approach suggests that overtime input for you

Direct-to-garment (DTG)

Direct to garment T-shirt printing 

Photo courtesy of: Anajet

The direct-to-garment printing operates very like associate dot matrix printer you may have reception. It’s a standard form of T-shirt company instrumentality as a result of it prints ink directly onto the T-shirt and might turn out full-color pictures with accuracy.

Not value effective for big production runs

Generally no volume discounts

2. Design

The last item a traveller would wish is to visualize in your catalog may be a copy of a T-shirt style found elsewhere. Your styles don’t essentially ought to be complex—in truth, several of the popular graphic tees area unit terribly straightforward. However, they are doing ought to connect along with your audience and stand out.

To ensure quality prints for your shirt commerce business, your style files ought to usually be a minimum of three hundred pixels per in. (dpi or ppi), have a clear background, and be giant enough to hide the particular print space of the T-shirt. simply note that your precise specifications can vary reckoning on the printer and printing technique used (more thereon later).


Photo courtesy of: Vapor95

3. Quality

The next most vital consider a way to begin a web T-shirt business started for long-run success is quality. you’ll let down somebody once, however they will not allow you to let down them double. A pattern that fades and cracks or a T-shirt that shrinks and rips won’t produce raving fans that come and repurchase.

Higher quality t-shirts may cost a lot of to supply however also can command higher costs. the ultimate quality of your T-shirt can depend upon the fabric of the blank T-shirt, printing technique used, and proper preparation of your style file.

4. Brand

A strong, attention-grabbing complete is important after you begin a shirt business on-line. Your complete may be a promise that may tie along all of your decisions, as well as your niche, designs, and quality. From your T-shirt business name to the brand you utilize, building a singular and likable complete is very important in a very high-competition trade.

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