Top 10 Unusual Destinations to Visit in Kashmir

Beautiful lakes, lush meadows, snow-capped peaks, and people enjoying Kahwa may all be found here. The cornerstones of Kashmiri culture are these well-known locations. These stunning locations aren’t the only places where you may relax and unwind. There are various stunning offbeat destinations to visit in Kashmir.

Top 10 Offbeat places to visit in Kashmir ValleyΒ 

You can also visit the offbeat destination while go to Kashmir. In this article we, as a best Mumbai travel agents, are discussing about the top 10 offbeat places in Kashmir that every traveler must visit or see. Checkout the list given below:-


Daksum caters to a wide range of interests. Daksum has it all, from the beauty of natural springs to the simplicity of country life. Daksum is a one of the fantastic offbeat destinations to visit in Kashmir for explorers and nature lovers alike. This is a fantastic spot for camping and hiking to Sinthan Pass. It’s a lovely area to spend time with family and friends, as well as a romantic environment for couples.


Karnah is a lovely valley, tiny and serene. There are many forts and palaces there, as well as statues, weaponry, and utensils. As one crosses the Shamsbari mountain, one must stop at the stunning Sadhna Pass. The best time to visit Karnak is during the summer.


With the deep green tones of dense forests and green mountains, the setting is breathtaking. This is an excellent location for spending quality time with family and friends, away from the bustle of city life and in the midst of nature. Hiking the woodland paths surrounding Chat Pal Kashmir is a pleasant experience for adventure lovers. This is a wonderful haven of calm and tranquilly. Gulmarg, one of most scenic destinations to visit in kashmir, included in nearly all Kashmir tour packages from Bhopal.


Lamayuru Monastery in Kashmir
Gompa Lamayuru – Kashmir

Lamayuru is 130 kilometres from Leh and is well worth a night’s stay. Private taxis or self-drive vehicles are the best means to get to Lamayuru. It takes about 3 hours to reach to Lamayuru (one way). If you want to travel around, don’t rely on public transportation. When visiting Lamayuru village, be sure to stop by the monastery.


Watlab is the ideal spot for taking in the breathtaking views of Wular Lake. Watlab will appeal to bird lovers and naturalists.It contains Himalayan golden Eagles (as well as Himalayan Monals), Rock Doves, Barn Swallows, and a variety of other unusual species.


Gurez is 130 kilometres from Srinagar and around 35-40 minutes from the beautiful Tulail Valley. The 58-kilometre drive from Srinagar to Bandipora offers breathtaking views of the Manasbal, Wular, and other lakes. These lakes are located on North Kashmir’s fringes. From Pakistan, the huge Kishanganga River (also known as the Neelum) pours across the valley, with its numerous streams, streams, and tributaries.


It’s not your fault if you’ve never heard of it. Turtuk became part of India after the war. Turtuk village is a universe unto itself. It’s not the same culture as Kashmiri’s or Ladakhi’s.


It encompasses Kokernag and is home to the valley’s most prominent natural springs. The springs, as well as many of their tributaries, are named after the claws of a Koker, a type of rooster. Hundreds of people visit Kokernag, Verinag, and its neighbor Verinag because of the medicinal springs and flower gardens.

Warwan Valley

warwan valley kashmir
Kashmir – Warwan Valley

This attractive tourist destinations to visit in Kashmir is free of the negative affects of contemporary life and breathes fresh air. The lovely, peaceful flow of the Warwan River provides tourists with a new degree of tranquilly and satisfaction. The enormous Kanital Glacier is its source. Warwan Valley is gorgeous background creates a stunning setting.