How To Start An Automotive App Business – A Quick Guide

The automobile industry is one of those sectors that never stop growing. Unlike real estate and mining businesses, investment in an automotive asset doesn’t cost much – and that’s the reason so many people are into automotive. For personal, professional, and business reasons, a lot of stakeholders do look up to technologies that can create dynamic changes to disrupt this industry as well. If you are an automobile enthusiast and want to come up with an IT product that caters to this market, here is a quick guide on how to start a business, launch an automotive app, and market it for success.

1. Come up with an automotive app idea

They say, the success of any great technical venture depends on two factors: an epic product or service idea, and its right execution in the target market. Therefore, before you go out seeking investors, or talk to developers about your plans, you need a solid automotive app development idea to lay the foundations of your startup.

For reference, different types of automotive apps include:

  • Traffic, navigation and car parking apps
  • On-demand car repair apps
  • Automotive accessories marketplace app
  • Automotive tools assemblage software
  • Car scanners, fuel reminders and car rental apps

It’s not actually necessary to pick one specific idea from this list. Your app can be a mix of 2 to 3 scopes. In fact, it is also not necessary to work on a totally unique idea that you think might or might not work. While a unique app is recommended, you can also seek inspiration from existing car and automotive apps, and offer a better USP like improved user experience, ad-free version etc.

2. Create a business plan

Once you have picked what you wish to develop, it’s time to document it in a business strategy. I recommend you divide this strategy in 2 parts: financial and technical.

In the first part, talk about the cost you have allocated for automotive app development, your marketing budgets, your marketing steps, your expected downloads and the revenue you are expecting. Talk about competitors and research what money they are making.

In the second part, talk about technical stuff, like features of your app, your target audience, the state of competitor’s apps, the platform you wish to develop the iOS or android development frameworks you wish to choose, etc.

3. Hire an automotive app development company

This is one of your most important business and financial step. Hire an automotive app development company, or a team of developers locally. Check their technical expertise and stay in touch with their PMs.

4. Test the app

You don’t only need to technically test the app for bugs and viruses. You also need feedback from potential users who will download the app. talk about their expectations and ask whether your app meets them or not. Fix anything that’s a common negative review from the community.

5. Launch and market the app

Before submitting, make sure to provide correct app description. This will optimize the time for app store approvals and increase your chances of publishing. When you start to market, create a free website, start a blog and direct search engine traffic to your app listing.